Do The Math: Risa Hontiveros Is Insulting The Intelligence Of Educated Filipinos!

With the recent claim that Risa Hontiveros was an activitst during the martial law era... wow she must be a gifted child huh? I gave some thought that this is an insult to any educated Filipino. While there are certainly gifted people in any country, there are Filipinos who are geniuses but to believe that Hontiveros herself was an activist at SIX YEARS OLD is unbelievable. She has to be a child genius or something which she isn't! It would be believable to hear she led a group of elementary school students to rebel against their teacher and got suspended but not her being an activist during martial law. 

Another issue is overpriced medical care. It's already a problem that the Philippines suffers from the ill effects of economic protectionism. Lesser job opportunities means more Filipinos have no choice but to fly abroad, become OFWs and be separated from their loved ones. Giving them overpriced medical care that they can hardly afford is really another act of exploiting one's fellow Filipino. So would you still stand by Hontiveros because she's your fellow Filipino no matter what regardless of Filipinos who got hurt by her idiotic reforms?


  1. A Yellowtard and commietard in one.... (then again, weren't they one and the same all along? :p )


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