You Say That There's No Such Thing As Racist Filipinos? Really, Tell Me About It!

Racism is a reality and no race is ever excluded from it. It's really annoying to have racists, isn't it? It's a problem whenever certain Filipinos tend to label someone outside their ethnicity as "racist" whenever they're criticized. While there's always ground to tell people how not to offer criticism but the problem is when you assume all criticism is an act of racism. What's worse is that some Filipinos may even outrageously claim that there's no such thing as a Filipino racist. But let me really raise this question against them with this statement, "REALLY? TELL ME ABOUT IT!"

No such thing as racist Filipinos? Then you better tell me about Filipinos who think they're the "master race" of the world. Do you remember Edz Ello's comment when he said that Filipinos are superior and would kick out all Singaporeans and make it into the new Filipino state? Don't you ever tell me that wasn't racist because it was done by a Filipino? REALLY, TELL ME ABOUT IT! It's just as racist as anyone who hates any other race and thinks his or her race is superior above others. Filipinos can be racists and can be victims of racism as much as every other race under the human race. Any nationality can be guilty of racism. Those Singaporeans who wanted to deport all Filipinos because of Edz Ello's idiocy are just as racist as the person they hate. 

Do I need to mention how some Filipinos might be obsessed with "racial purity"? During the Spratlys invasion, some Filipinos even wanted to get rid of Filipino-Chinese because they descended from China. Back then, a lot of new generation Filipino-Chinese were ashamed of their Chinese ancestry no thanks to some racist Filipinos. There's the phrase that racist Filipinos may say as, "Umuwi ka na lang sa Tsina!" or "Go back to China." The aim to deport Filipino-Chinese back to China is useless because the international court would consider Filipino-Chinese as Filipinos. The same will go for every person who's a legitimate citizen of the Philippines: they are still considered Filipinos by the international court.

Is there really such a thing as pure Filipino these days? I highly doubt it. If you think about it, the Philippines had a lot of settlers. Malays, Indonesians and Indonesians are a few. Then the Spanish colonization came and the Philippines is named after King Philip of Spain. The name Philippines is already of foreign origin. Filipino culture is also a mixture of several cultures. Besides, do these racist Filipinos think that they'll be having their pride today if it wasn't for foreign influence? If they think that Filipino culture is pure and without anything else then REALLY TELL ME ABOUT IT!