Indifference Is Killing The Filipino Society!

Do you ever think this picture is true anywhere? It's also true for the Filipino society and puh-lease, don't give me any more of, "Well nangyari naman yun sa ibang bansa!" or "Well, it's also happening in other countries." because that kind of behavior contributes to failure. The issue has Filipinos who are trying to save the sinking boat vs. Filipinos who are glad that the hole isn't in their end and are indifferent. I think that kind of situation also was another good reason why a lot of ship disasters also happen. 

Let's take a look at what's happening right now in Filipino society and how this indifference is really bringing it down. There's the problem of using one's Pinoy identity to enjoy one's blunder. Instead of trying to fight for a better Philippines, you have Filipinos who are very indifferent while claiming to be "manly". When Filipinos who fight for change tell them about the importance of supporting reforms like economic liberalization or the need of a disciplinary government, those Filipinos who enjoy their blunder will tell them to move to another country.

The reason why the oligarchs and bad politicians rule the country is also because of indifferent people. They just vote for the sake of voting and they're okay with all the B.S. in the 1987 Constitution. They will say that Filipinos can do nothing with stupid policies like 60/40 restrictions for foreign investors or that either you accept it or leave the country. That kind of mentality isn't helping the Philippines. They think it's enough to exercise suffrage never mind all they vote for are actors and athletes over credible candidates. That's why the Senate is so full of people who know absolutely NOTHING about running a country. 

A good picture of this indifference has it with how some Filipinos act during times of floods. While responsible Filipinos are doing their best to move away from disaster areas, you can see some Filipinos just choose to have a good time in the floods. Did these people put into mind that their lives could be in danger for all they know or that floods bring diseases? I think not considering how they choose just have a good time all the time. The problem is that you can't have it good all the time. Bad times happen and you must confront them. Instead, some Filipinos choose to just enjoy their blunder by trying to have a good time all the time.

What's worse is that some of them think that going against their idiotic behavior is supposedly "Anti-Filipino". No, it's not even anti-Filipino but pro-Filipino. To go against the Pinoy blunder in exchange for the enlightened Pinoy mindset is very pro-Filipino. Those who try to use their Pinoy identity to justify their blunder don't love the Philippines but only the stupidity prevalent in their country. If they really love their country then they would fight for a better Philippines. Their actions only show that they choose to enjoy their blunder which continues to create a negative Pinoy image. If they value their Pinoy identity then they should do something about the negative Pinoy image by showing that there are decent Pinoys. 

Then again, I don't think they really care about any criticism towards improvement even if it comes from a fellow concerned Pinoy who wants a better Philippines. They can go ahead and call any foreigners who correct their blunder as "racists". If you you think they would listen to their fellow Pinoys who correct their blunder then think again. They may go ahead and play the "you must stand by us no matter what" card or the "Are you Filipino" card to justify and enjoy their blunder. Then again, if they really should "stand by their fellow Pinoy no matter what" then did they think how their actions also affects their fellow Pinoys? I guess they only choose to stand by Filipinos who agree with their blunder. I think for them if a Filipino goes against their blunder then they're not Filipinos anymore huh? 

This kind of attitude is also why crime and corruption is so rampant in the Philippines. What's worse is that the Commission of Human Rights is advocating that indifference. Instead of defending the rights of Filipinos to live safely, they end up advocating the idea that Filipinos have the right to do wrong. What about all the law abiding Filipinos? Did their rights even matter? For that idiotic organization, all they do is play indifferent while defending the rights of criminal Filipinos instead of Filipinos whose rights were really violated. So is the criminal Filipino their fellow Filipino and not that law abiding Filipino? As of right now, the indifference shows up in this way. They're very indifferent towards victims and they only raise "human rights" shout whenever a criminal gets what they deserve.

This attitude of indifference needs to stop. Then again, some people will always choose to enjoy their blunder. Fortunately, some Pinoys who want a better Philippines aren't going down without a fight. Some of them have ended up bringing indifferent Pinoys into fighting for a better Philippines. It's time to spread the revolution and save the Philippines!