There's A Need To Reopen The Investigation Of The Late Jesse Robredo's Death

Whether or not Vice President Leni Robredo is really guilty of cheating still needs to be seen so I don't protest to Bongbong's complaint until he's proven to be lying. What needs to be done right now is to REOPEN the investigation behind Jesse Robredo's death. While there's no direct and clear conclusion for the late Jesse's death whether it was a sabotage or if it was really foul play, that incident still needs to be investigated. If Leni expects to honor her late husband's legacy she should really have Jesse's death investigated as soon as possible. What Vice President Leni needs to do right now is to put aside her loyalties for the Liberal Party and focus on the badly needed investigation. If she's really concerned about justice, she should really have the case re-investigated by the Duterte Administration with her cooperation.
It feels like Jesse's death was silenced to protect confidential secrets that could cause a lot of corruption to be exposed. He was a much better person than Mar Roxas was a DILG Secretary. If you think of it, Jesse himself was going on an all out war against corruption within his area. There was a whole war against jueteng and corrupt policemen guilty of protecting drug syndicates and other criminal groups. Unfortunately in a country where the Commission of Human Rights is defending criminals instead of the victims in the name of "due process", a good man like Jesse is indeed a threat. If the death was just an accident then shameless people have decided to take advantage of the situation.

If his death was really an accident one must still investigate it anyway. Even if there was no foul play involved, it still needs to be investigated. The reason is investigating the cause of his death can save more lives even if it's too late for Jesse. As of right now, I still want to believe his death wasn't planned. There may have been people who wanted to kill him but I can't immediately believe the claim he was really set up. But still, wouldn't investigating the cause of his death be protocol like every other tragic incident? If he was really indeed made to march to his death unknowingly then those people responsible should get their just desserts