Senator Panfilo Lacson's Check And Balance Is Absolutely Necessary For The Duterte Administration

From ABiaS-CBN News, I've learned that Senator Panfilo Lacson has told the Senate not to intervene with the anti-drug momentum. He has mentioned that either Commission on Human Rights (hopefully Duterte has appointed a competent head to replace the resigned Etta Rosales and make the department FOCUS on what it should be defending) and the Department of Justice (under Justice Secretary Vitaliano Aguirre Jr.). Concerning what he said about hearsay points out to this sad reality that many Filipinos just believe in hearsay resulting to innocent people going to jail all the while many Filipinos have the bad habit of condoning to the sins of their fellow Filipinos. Besides, leaving Liberal Party was the right choice for Lacson. His leaving of No Direction was a good choice in itself.

The issue with the police force still needs to be checked. If abuse of freedom is not the only problem then we have abuse of authority. Just take a look at the six years of PNoy Pride. Abuse of authority took place in the form of Joseph Pabaya's neglect, Butcher Abad's DAP/PDAF scams, Alberto Looney's harassment of people in the Bureau of Customs, Stinky Soliman's letting the goods rot in the warehouse, Mar Roxas' "Bahala Na Kayo" during the Yolanda goods fiasco and Nobita Aquino's refusal to fire his friends. 

I can agree that investigations must start with individual policemen. Director General Ronald "Bato" Dela Rosa like any head of authority can't be immediately blamed for any policemen who abuse their authority. The investigation should start with individual policemen should be investigated first over the whole police force. It's possible some policemen are already taking the law into their hands. I guess the war shouldn't only focus on drug syndicates and the like but also against corrupt policemen as well. I hope Duterte, Lacson and Aguirre manage to maintain some badly needed balance as to avoid killing innocent people and to give the same punishment those who are guilty of framing up innocent people that would have punished the innocent person. 

Leila De Lima may have had some drug lords arrested but there may also been some selective justice on her part. The allegation that she's protecting a selected number of drug lords needs to be investigated as soon as possible. If true, De Lima should plead guilty and cooperate with her investigation so she can get a lesser sentence. If not, De Lima should still allow herself to be investigated for the sake of proving her innocence. Regardless, a due process investigation must be carried out without confusing due process with what Etta Rosales does.