PNoy Pride's "Justice System Is A Mockery Of Justice!

It's something that Senator Leila De Lima (former Justice Secretary) has the guts to talk against President Rodrigo Duterte's policies against drug syndicates. That's why I've been calling her Liar Dilemma. With the six years of PNoy Pride one has to consider what has REALLY happened. Under the watch of former president Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino, indeed he has achieved a lot but I don't mean it in a good way. Under former president Nobita's watch, one may consider that their justice system wasn't really justice. Let's take a look at what "Daang Matuwid" has really accomplished in six years with how they upheld justice. 

Liar Dilemma and Etta Rosales were appointed by former president Nobita to head the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Commission on Human Rights (CHR). But what happened was that the Department of Justice got "renamed" as the Department of INJUSTICE and the Commission on Human Rights is better known as Criminals Have Rights. The whole system was based on this principle of safeguarding the ruling class and legalized theft. Events like Florencio "Butcher" Abad's abuse of public funds with the DAP/PDAF scam, Joseph Emilio Pabaya's neglect of the Metro Railway Transit was really that horrible, the whole Yolanda relief funds disaster and under the watch of CHR and DOJ one has to consider a huge increase of drug-related cases in one way or another. Yet what did Nobita do during his term as president? He simply let it slide all in the name of because we're friends you can get away with it. I guess this is also why Jesse Robredo's death is still left not investigated since a man like him is an obstruction to PNoy Pride Justice.

The drug dealing cases had also increased under Nobita's watch. Many love to blame China's government for bringing in the drugs without knowing the truth of the matter why illegal Chinese love to do business in our country. Illegal Chinese would end up doing their monkey business in the Philippines where legalized crime is the norm. All they need to do is to pay the National Bureau of Investigation to get their clearances and unethical protection. They can proceed to the Bureau of Customs (BOC) where with some bribery they can get all the materials they need to produce narcotics. With a combination of paid protection that they receive from the NBI, passing through BOC to get all the materials they need to make narcotics and not to mention DOJ and CHR are more focused on the rights of criminals than that of the victims then you get an increase in drug-related crimes. Even if they do go to jail but the Bilibid has ended up as a hotel instead of a prison house making a person's jail term pointless.

What really needs to be carried out to undo the PNoy Pride Justice system is to punish those behind it or who practice it in one way or another as well as give everyone the punishment they deserve. Lock them up and don't give them any privileges. No saunas, no bath tubs, no hotel look for Bilibid and all prisons just because they're privileged. No privilege to give them furnished cells and as said, lock up the guilty privileged along with all the other low lives of society. No special suite for the influential guilty otherwise this would encourage more corruption. Instead, let everyone in the jails who are still physically fit to do prison labor. Let them do stuff like hammering rocks or do any difficult work under the heat of the sun under strict supervision, let them eat prison food with all the other prisoners and let them be like every other prisoners so corruption would be discouraged. That way, there would be better justice than the sorry legacy of PNoy Pride Justice.