Let's See How Noytards Like It If People Blame Their Idol For Shooting Incidents HE DIDN'T DO AT ALL!

Here's a picture of former president Noynoy Aquino with a gun. Just like with how some Noytards are now vilifying President Rodrigo Duterte for killings he didn't do, let's see how they'd like it of Duterte supporters decided to beat them in their own game. I'll admit some Duterte supporters are Dutertards in the sense they think everything President Duterte does is good. I may be supporting some of President Duterte's policies as of late but I can also go against some of them. 

When it comes to a battle against crime and corruption it's very important to check the facts first! As of late, Leila De Lima is probably insinuating that the systematic killings were done by President Duterte all the while PNP Chief Bato Dela Rosa is citing that it may have been done by angry vigilantes. One may also consider the possibility that shootings done against drug criminals were either done by fellow drug criminals, vengeful victims or policemen who are too lazy to check the facts first. As of late, some Noytards are already blaming EVERY shooting incident on the Duterte Administration.

What if we decided to blame Noynoy for EVERY shooting incident that happened from 2010 to 2016 during the time he sat to during the time he stepped down? What if people decided to say that he called for the terrorists during the hunt for Marwan to shoot down the SAF-44 when his contribution to the failure was calling Alan Impurisima to break the chain of command? What if people decided to blame him for ordering Rolando Mendoza to do the hostage incident when he didn't? As much as he has failures to account for but let's not stoop down to the brain dead levels of Noytardism. Let's just choose to stick to facts instead.