It's Okay To Like Japanese Stuff But Don't Be Too Obsessed With It

As I said, I have nothing against liking Japanese stuff or adults who like Anime, Super Sentai (or any Tokusatsu) for the matter. I don't think it's childish for any guy in one's late 20s or early 30s to still watch Zyuohger or Kamen Rider Ghost. I'm now older than Nobuo Akagi but I can enjoy anything new from Tokusatsu if it gives me a really good story. I'd like to address the problem of liking Japanese culture too much.

Japanese entertainment isn't always good as I learned it the hard way for the past few years. I could give an example of something that happened around this decade. Capcom is a Japanese company yet Marvel vs. Capcom 3 sucks out big time because it didn't take advantage of the seventh generation consoles' powers and left us with something mediocre. While I personally don't really like most of American entertainment that much these days but I can't deny that Japanese companies can suck too. As of late, I think a lot of Tokusatsu shows with Toei and other companies really went downhill not because it's new school but because some writers and producers are either burning out or others just plain suck. Like every step of innovating there's always a time when something has to go downhill. If I don't like anything new it's because it lacks quality. But anything new that's good in quality is more than welcome.

It's okay to like Japanese food and to eat them. Some of them are good like sushi, miso noodles and sashimi but I think those who obsess with it are missing something good or even better from one's home country. While not everyone can appreciate Filipino food but there's still some of them that are worth a try. I guess it's a waste to keep slurping Japanese soup because soups like pochero and balbacua do also taste good. There's better cuisines for me like Korean food, Indian food, Middle Eastern food and many more. While one may choose to avoid certain foods for personal reasons but to get stuck with only Japanese food is really idiotic. Would you eat sashimi with wasabi if you've got an extremely weak stomach? Sure sushi is a nice treat but I personally prefer the Korean kimbap or Korean food over Japanese food. Besides, not everyone can also click with Japanese food either. 

Japanese music has nice beats and I think many of the artists have their heart in their performance. But not all Japanese music is really that good. Sometimes, a cover to a Japanese song can be better or worse depending on one's preference. Like what's really wrong with enjoying some Tagalog or English versions of Saigo No Iiwake? It's not like as if it was done without permission. Some Japanese music can suck too. While I personally don't like most of the musical soundtracks of American shows but some of them can do better than Japanese shows. It's nice to hear some nice Japanese music but as said, not all of them are good.

As said, it's okay to want to go to Japan and get to see more of Japan. It's not wrong at all to go to Japan to explore more of it. But as said, just be sure not to get overly obsessed with Japanese culture. Japanese people don't like to hang around such people. Everything that's beneficial must always be subjected to moderation. Too much technology can also make people lazy. Too little of technology puts people at too much inconvenience. It's all about balance.