It's Annoying That Many Filipinos Just Don't Bother To Read Posts Properly!

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It's sad but true that many Filipinos have that bad habit where they don't bother to read the posts properly before they start making up comments and/or jumping into conclusions. It's not only a constant source of frustration for other Filipinos but also for the international community. Let's face it that some writers even write everything in simple black and white English or even if a Filipino writer writes it down in Tagalog but they don't bother to read the posts properly. This is all part of the huge problem of anti-intellectualism prevailing in Filipino society. 

Many Filipinos tend to adhere to the mentality of stupidity. Anti-intellectualism has become the norm. What's worse is that the more stupid the person is the smarter they think they are and that everyone who disagrees with them is stupid. When they don't read the post or spend time to analyze it, in short they're already thinking that they're so smart that they don't even need to read it or analyze it. They just need to read the title, skim and magically come up with their conclusions and write down their comments. What's even more annoying is that even when the post was written in simple English is that they still don't get it because they refuse to read it properly. In short, there's a very high chance that they're just too lazy to read the post properly.

In the process of understanding what the post means you really need to read the post first. If you don't read the post then how can you understand what's written or what the writer of the post wants to point out to people? The whole thought is not in the title but in the body of the post in itself. But the problem is they may even think that they don't need the specifics because they're so smart and that their conclusion is already the answer. But in making conclusions did you even bother to read the post? I don't think they even bother to read the post or if they did they didn't read it properly. They just felt they already knew everything because they think they're so smart and everybody who disagrees with them is automatically stupid or arrogant but look who's talking.

Again, did you read this rather SHORT post or are you just going to go ahead and comment I'm racist against Filipinos all because I pointed out a problem that's common to Filipinos? In short, "Pwede ba magbasa ka ng maayos muna bago ka mag comment?!"


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