Is Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. Going To Go From "My New Hero" To "My New Enemy"?

Considering that Atty. Vitaliano Aguirre Jr. wasn't only at his best behavior during SAF but he's also been appointed by incoming President Rodrigo Duterte as new Justice Secretary, it's highly possible that he's went from pseudo-hero to pseudo-villain in the eyes of many people who love the culture of impunity. If there's any moment Aguirre is really acting like a true hero it's NOT during the Renato Corona trial but during the SAF trial when he pointed out the possibility of Getulio Napenas' role as a scapegoat and when he really wants the New Bilibid Prison.

While I lost my respect for him during the late Renato Corona's impeachment trial but he's managed to gain my respect here and during the SAF Trial. I still don't condone to what he did by covering his ears during Miriam's tirade against faulty handling of evidences. On the other hand, I still approve of his pointing out of as many anomalies in the New Bilibid Prison that need to be changed. In a country where the culture of impunity is encouraged, I guess he's lost the respect of people who refuse to follow simple guidelines. They may salute him for covering his ears during Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago's angry tirade against the incompetence of the prosecutors but they won't salute him anymore for his planned reforms to straighten up Filipino society. 

It's no surprise here with how Filipinos have the prevalent culture of having a fair-weathered mentality. It's just like how in the past, many Filipinos kept shouting "PINOY PRIDE" to Lea Salonga-Chien's successes abroad. Years later, they bashed her for her tweets when she addressed what needed to be addressed. They only support a person when it's deemed convenient for their needs and wants. Aguirre needs to buckle up and stand firm to implement the badly needed reforms the Philippines needs to have better peace and order.