Ultranationalist Economic Policies Hurt The Philippine Economy

I have written on how stupid Rep. Neri Colmenares and Atty. Antonio Tinio can get with their real lack of common sense with economics. Now I feel the need to really address how xenophobia actually hurts the economy than help it. This reminds me of the stupid statement that says that developed countries progressed not through accepting foreign investments but through national land reform. That is a big lie because if they analyze how developed countries progress, you'll see that they accepted foreign investments and they succeeded through foreign investments. How can a nation have a real industralization and land reform without foreign investments?

The usual argument of any Failipino form of economics may be linked by these two idiotic ideas. First, they think that any foreign investment equals foreign invasion. Second weakness is that they think that through the OFW phenomenon, they believe that Filipinos are taking over the world. Both thought patterns result from the evil called Failipino pride. They are too proud to see the truth or to consider alternatives when there are alternatives. They think everyone who disagrees with them is stupid and that they are oh so smart and that they must "expose" the "stupid ones". You do know the problem of anti-intellectualism is prevailing in Filipino society, right?

I would really focus on the nonsense that if we allow foreigners to own above 40% letting them own up to 100% then it means foreigners will rule the Philippines. The idea itself is nonsense because if one observes developed countries - they have lots of foreign investments but those countries retain their sovereignty as an independent state. When Lee Kwan Yew opened Singapore to foreign investment, the country maintained its independence. When Deng Xiaopeng remodeled Communist China into a business oriented nation - that made a real Great Leap Forward that Mao Zedong failed to do with all stupid idealism. Both China and Singapore retained their state sovereignty that even if there was a lot of foreign investments, they controlled the investors and not the other way around. It's because the rule of foreign investors is that even if we let you own 100% here, you still have to follow our rules or risk losing your right to invest here.

When there's unjust economic policies then there's really bound to be less employment opportunities. It's stupid to keep whining that Filipinos lack job opportunities while upholding economic overprotectionism. Because of you keep limiting foreign ownership then there will be so little investors resulting to a severe lack of jobs. A few group of businessmen cannot accommodate all Filipinos working for jobs. It's the basic rule of supply and demand. When there's more demand for work you must supply that demand with more jobs. All these problems have resulted into the problem of the need for more OFWs. In reality, OFW reliance does not work compared to foreign investors. Even if your boss is a foreigner but if he or she is doing business in the Philippines, he or she must follow the rules and regulations. He or she has to respect the employees. In the case of abuse, it's much easier to apprehend than if people were sent abroad. Abroad, the Filipino government has ZERO CONTROL because the OFW phenomenon doesn't mean that Filipinos are taking over the world.

Many Filipinos may also need to compare China's welfare before and after it opened its doors to the world welcoming foreign investment. Even if Deng was was a Communist dictator, he knew that the idea of "everyone is equal" wasn't feasible because it only created a culture of rewarding the lazy while punishing the diligent. Giving everyone an equal share whether one worked or not wasn't helping. He simply modified the ideas of Lee in Singapore by letting China open its gates to the world. When China opened its gates to the world with economic liberalization in the midst of a tyranny. His policy of opening of the economy to foreign investment created a real Great Leap Forward for China. His idea may have scared a lot of Chinese ultranationalists but he did it anyway. He didn't care about the sissy ultranationalists who said China may be one day ruled by foreigners. Instead, China ruled over all the foreign investors in it because the rule of foreign investment is, "Where you invest, do as the countrymen do."

This also reveals their hypocrisy because they act as if they aren't using any foreign stuff. If Toady Casino and his Bayan Muna cohorts hate foreigners so much and he wants to be nationalistic, they should get out of the Internet and stop using modern stuff. I really could suggest to those ultranationalists, why don't they form their own separate state and test their theories there? I really dare them to establish their own separate nation and let's see how long it'll last. They'd be destroyed by their own blunder sooner or later.