The Problem Of Economic Overprotectionism Mingled With Unjustifiable Tax Rates

After hearing that President Nobita still refuses to reduce tax rates, I really have to ask those Aquinotards this question, "Are you proud of the legacy of PNoy Pride with high income taxes and overprotectionism?" When it comes to those Aquinotards, they really are a bunch of very stupid people. Be amazed, be very amazed when it comes to how these people really have a very backward knowledge about economics.

Ever since the Philippines started that stupid legacy of 60/40 all in the name of protecting local businesses it has caused both employment and competency to suffer. Some Filipinos are really forced to leave no thanks to a government that restricts foreign investments. The whole idea of national industrialization without foreign investments is a stupid fantasy by those economically ignorant people. Such idiots tell me to study history when they should be the ones studying history. Maybe they study history but they read it from biased economically ignorant textbooks. They might also be reading it from DepEd textbooks written by stupid writers who don't get their facts straight. Instead, these textbook writers choose to remain in Lala Land. Isn't it any wonder why the Philippines is so practically screwed up also because of our education system resulting in a screwed up country?

What is worse aside from the legacy of economic overprotectionism, Filipinos are forced to live with really high tax rates which is a form of legalized theft. It's stupid for the Bureau of Internal Revenue Robbery to just keep raising taxes while combating tax evasion. If you keep raising taxes too high then it creates an environment that punishes the diligent and rewards the lazy. Who wants to work harder if the only thing that happens is for the BIR is to punish achievement by taxing it too much? The only way to protect yourself from unjust taxes is either to have friends in the BIR (like Konsomisyoner Kill Henares), pay money under the table or you may consider being lazy. After all, if you don't have much money you are tax exempt, right? Besides, what's the use of having huge tax rates if the country continues to suffer from incompetence?

If they want a better economy then it's really time to reduce tax rates and open up the economy. If tax rates were justifiably low then tax evasion cases may drop significantly. If the Philippine economy is opened up then more investors means more income. Just think - first world countries didn't succeed with that stupid ideal of Sariling Atin only national industrialization. When it comes to the question, "Negosyo o bayan?" then my answer is, "We need both to succeed. They are like water and air, we need both of them to live."