Ninoy Aquino International Airport May End Up Killing Philippine Tourism Faster Than You Think

I'm so amazed no thanks to the incompetence of the President Nobita Administration - the Ninoy Aquino International Airport or NAIA for short has further fallen apart no thanks to the Pwede Na Yan mentality. Just after the incidents involving taxi scammers, the laglag bala scam and now you have reports of the ceilings falling apart. From stray bullet scams to collapsing ceilings to falling floors - these are not to be taken lightly because they kill one of the Philippines' most important industries namely tourism. The Philippines has the potential to be a real tourist dream but it can also die no thanks to the NAIA.

In the world of business the product and tagline must always go together. While you must boast of your product's quality but you must make sure your product's quality meets your claims. Putting a fancy label on trashy products may get an instant sale on the short run but people can easily retaliate on the long run. You can go ahead and advertise the Philippines to be the "best place in the world", get tourists conned, get them to come with the help of David Guerrero's ghastly slogan but what if expectations don't meet the real situation? The NAIA issues are not a laughing issue and yet they aren't even being solved. So much for rejoicing over the disasters happening in China because the Philippines still has a lot of disasters to take care of.

I wonder do they think that the phrase "It's More Fun in the Philippines" is some kind of magical phrase to ignore all their problems that need to be solved? The more I think of that tagline, the more I think that by claiming it's not a campaign and it's the truth, the more the credibility of tourism in the Philippines suffers because of it. Tourists who don't have much idea may at first be suckered in by the campaign but just wait until they arrive into the NAIA which is fifth of the worst world airports in the world. With the problem of too much centralization or the Empire of Manila system, most tourists would need to pass through NAIA before they can arrive into the better spots of the Philippines.

What if certain people will even say, "You'll never be cheated in the Philippines." to them? Just think if some gullible tourist got suckered in but soon realized that getting scammed is indeed "more fun in the Philippines". Aside from the problems of collapsing ceilings, smelly CRs, really humid standby places - getting cheated is a reality. From rude personnel to those who'll cheat the tourists, it's definitely not fun for the tourists. Getting cheated will definitely be one of the worst things to happen. With today's technology like smartphones and the like just expect all these incidents to be more viral than possible. That would be very bad for business and no amount of advertising will help remedy the dropping tourism rate.

With a preposterous tourist invitation met with disaster, just think of all the angry reactions people will have when the NAIA is not the ideal airport they dreamed it to be. NAIA is really just one perfect recipe for disaster unless changes are made. So really, when are these changes going to be implemented to get NAIA out of the top ten world's worst airport lists?