It May Soon Be Goodbye And Good Riddance Philippines No Thanks To The Bureau Of Customs!

The corruption and the rampant stupidity of the Bureau of Customs (BOC) has all been about being unreasonable on normal citizens. You have them making people pay unjust fees while dangerous stuff like imported garbage, fake food products and narcotics making it in. As long as there's a lot of corrupt people at the BOC then expect all those dangerous stuff that I mentioned earlier and many more to enter the Philippines. The simple keywords are "bribery" and "corruption". The bigger problem is not bribery but people who accept the bribes. All the BOC may be caring about is their money than public interest.

I have heard of the statements of how the world is poisoning China. I have heard of paranoia where people are too afraid of China due to the recent set of incidents. But again, before blaming China, do they even realize why the drugs and fake rice slipped to the Philippines so fast? It's all because of incompetence and corruption which go hand in hand. Having the BOC being a huge body of graft and corruption makes doing dirty business more fun in the Philippines. No thanks to BOC, dangerous food products will keep slipping in and combined with other corrupt officials, you may soon be finding them on the shelf. Remember the melamine tainted milk last 2007?

If Chinese crooks are already poisoning people wherever they go with their fake food products, countries where customs just accept bribes from them and let them do what they do are killing their own countries. Whenever BOC accepts the bribes and allows those dangerous stuff to be admitted - it might really be the end of the Philippines as you know it. Many Filipinos are going to suffer from the dangerous effects of garbage, eating fake food products or dying from the complications of drug addiction leading to horrible deaths. Worse, you have the Department of Social Welfare and Development to distribute fake food products as "relief goods" which may kill a lot of people who eat them.

It may only be a matter of time before BOC will soon accept a nuclear bomb from an enemy country. Just imagine it if they accepted bribes to get that bomb admitted into the country. With that kind of stupidity, it's going to be the time to say goodbye Philippines and good riddance no thanks to BOC. It's time to really put high penalties such as expulsion of custom officers who accept bribes or even jailing those who accept stuff that could harm the Philippines. It's time to really make no exemption for getting rid of the culture of impunity and BOC is no exception.