Purisimese-English Anyone?

Do you remember the situation of Alan Purisima in the Senate, you remember how he quibbled around with synonymous words right? In spite of the tragedy that was investigated, the whole situation of Purisima turned the investigation into a comedy when he was interrogated. Who remembers some of his statements that really was so WTF stupid like, "I did not give an order, I only gave an advice." or "When I delegated the responsibility, I did not delegate the accountability." This can be alternatively called as the language of Purisimese.

Many Filipinos have lost the edge that the Philippines once had namely as the only Asian nation that is well-versed in English. Back in my senior years, I remembered reading an essay against the pseudo-nationalists that mentioned how Filipino-English has deteriorated especially among Tagalistas. Many times, Tagalogs have already pronounced education wrong with a Tagalog accent, even refusing to pronounce it based on American-English standards. While education and edukasyon (the Tagalog for education) are similar words, they do not have the same pronunciation. It is education not edukation. Even by the Taglish mispronunciation, it may have shown how our lack of priority with English and overemphasizing Tagalog has ruined the quality of Filipino-English.

It's typical among many Filipinos with their bad habit making "palusot" or making excuses even towards their fellow Filipinos by speaking in Purisimese. You can think of the idiocy of a student who says, "I wasn't cheating, I was just looking at the answer on my cheat sheet." Another might be, "He's not annoying, just nakakainis." even if both words are synonymous because nakakainis is Tagalog for annoying. The same goes for people who try to differentiate words whenever the Merriam-Webster's dictionary defeats them like saying, "We know bootleg means illegal but we still call something bootleg because of its form and substance even if the dictionary says otherwise." They might even say that Purisimese is a higher school of thought. Yes, it's a higher school of thought - for being stupid and how to talk to a point that you need to be told, "You should hear yourself talk."

I would even assume the way Purisimese has become common language has not only because accountability is an endangered species in the Philippines, but also because of the Tagalistas who seek to  de-prioritize or remove English from the curriculum all in the name of nationalism. It just reminds me how irritated these Tagalistas are when you speak to them in English and they say something like, "Mga Imperialista, gusto kayo mag-Ingles, pumunta kayo sa America." or to translate, "You Imperialists want to speak in English, go to America." This of course is asking other Filipinos to move outside the country so they can enjoy their stupidity.

So really, are you proud of this stupid Purisimese-English?