Will President Nobita Aquino And DOTC Secretary Emilio Pabaya Keep Their Promise?

I previously mentioned about how President Nobita should have not foolishly made that promise, now Christmas is over what about New Year? When I first heard of the promise, I could only say, "REALLY?!" Just because he's the president of the nation doesn't mean he can accomplish all he promised even if he had all the resources to do so. He's just human and in the process, he's really overestimated himself. Considering that the road of Baclaran to Bacoor has not been done and I can't say it'd be done in the next five days, will both President Nobita and DOTC Secretary Pabaya keep their promise that they'll allow themselves to be run over by a train? I doubt it considering that President Nobita hasn't achieved everything he promised during his campaign, we might as well consider the promise unfulfilled by January 2, 2016.

What might be the most convenient (and predictable) way out is this... the blame game. It's already 2015 and the year's about to end and guess what? The blame game continues and the way President Nobita speaks, it's like "EVERYTHING IS HER FAULT." pointing to his predecessor Gloria Macapagal Arroyo or just anyone he can pick out of convenience. What might be his most convenient solution is to tie down Gloria on the railroad tracks saying, "It's her fault that the express line from Baclaran to Bacoor can't be completed." while making a range of excuses to why it wasn't finished. For a bonus, I guess they might also include Bongbong Marcos in the blame game as well saying since he's a Marcos then it's also his fault that the project didn't turn out right.