The Bad Habit Of Using One's Pinoy Identity To Justify And/Or Enjoy One's Blunder


I remembered writing a couple of posts in the past about ways Filipinos can justify their habit of enjoying their blunder. One common excuse used to enjoy one's blunder is, "Eh di pumunta ka sa ibang bansa?" or "Why don't you go to another country?" and I still hear it. Another statement that I hear is, "Eh sino ka hero?" or "What are you? A hero?" to anybody who raises up issues in correcting the prevalent stupidities of the Philippines. All those are done in the name of that they think they are so smart even when in reality they are really VERY STUPID especially with the prevailing culture of anti-intellectualism. Then I thought it might be necessary to write on what if I wrote a post on using one's Pinoy identity to justify one's blunder.

There is nothing wrong with being a Pinoy (as if it can be helped that a person can be born as a Pinoy) but you certainly choose to become a Failipino. I remembered how many bad Filipinos tend to use their Pinoy identity as an excuse to justify their wrongdoings or enjoy their blunder. These bad Filipinos can also say that if you don't support their bad habits then you are anti-Filipino or anti-Pinoy. What bad habits are these you may ask? The bad habits related to the common problem of refusing to follow simple guidelines which can be done in all of the name of being Pinoy. This also results to the classic problem that many Filipinos refuse to listen even to a more qualified speaker.

It's common to see that a lot of Filipinos refuse to follow even simple guidelines. I have observed how problems like jaywalking or not obeying traffic rules is common in the Philippines. What has been stupid is that how I've seen people who say that passing reasonable fines for littering is a Draconian law. Some of them might even have the line of reasoning that if they had to follow such "harsh" rules then they will commit suicide which is really petty and stupid. What's worse is that there is the tendency to say, they are Filipinos, that they belong to a free country unlike Singapore which they label as a tyranny. They might even say that throwing one's garbage just everywhere is part of their Pinoy identity. I wonder really do they even think that being Pinoy also includes the high time culture of foolishness?

I could still remember some annoying bad Filipinos who tell me, "You want to be on time? Why don't you go back to China because this is the Philippines? We are Filipinos and we believe in Filipino time." The idea of calling the practice of being habitually late should not even be called Filipino time, it's just being late. Filipino time should refer to time in the Philippines that if it's 3:00 P.M. in the Philippines, then you meet at that designated time. Whoever says that one hour is not a lot of time is really deluded because people have their appointments. Whenever these bad Pinoys beg other nationalities to understand their habitual tardiness, I would ask myself, "Since when did Failipinos even respect the golden rule of give and take?" Oh do check their lack of sensitivity towards others while they are so sensitive themselves.

Many Pinoys have their habit of having an extravagant culture which is accompanied by the fiesta mentality. Take a look at how many Pinoys spend their money and they say that they're not using my money then it's not my problem. True, it's not my problem but I do feel sorry for whoever's cash was used for somebody else' nonsense activities. I could still remember how often I get branded as "selfish" because I refuse to loan money for somebody's nonsense activities like attending a town fiesta, they say that they are not Pinoys unless they have an extravagant culture and that fiestas makes one Pinoy and if they don't do it, they are not Pinoy anymore. It's really time that they should even begin to ask themselves to why so many OFWs usually remain poor.

Not to mention, they also use their Pinoy identity to justify the hypocrisy of their ultranationalism in several levels of stupid. Some of them are even fond of saying that if you love watching certain imported shows then such people should move to another country. That raises the question did their favorite TV networks use all locally made or Filipino made equipment in filming their favorite telebasuras? Don't tell me that ABiaS-CBN didn't buy anything imported or use anything imported while they are producing all those anti-intellectual nonsense? Worse, don't tell me that they aren't using anything foreign while they rant about how "Penoys r da greatest pepol in da world." If they are so nationalistic then they should just stay in the stone age and not use anything of non-Pinoy influence. Besides, if they are so against progress all in the name of being pure Pinoy then they should not even enjoy the benefits of progress as well.

I would really dare say that using one's Pinoy identity to justify one's blunder is really a huge obstacle to progress. In the process, it also gets every enlightened Pinoy to be rejected thus making important cultural reforms almost impossible. The bad Filipinos do not really love the Philippines like the enlightened Pinoys do. What the bad Filipinos love only is their stupid habits that negatively stereotype the Pinoy which in turn harms every good Pinoy along the way. Because if you love your country, you will seek to improve the Pinoy image. What's ironic is that so many people just want change but they don't want to change themselves.


  1. Ganyan talaga yung mga “feeling inaapi” akala nila kalaban ang mundo.

    Here's some useful retort whenever you're confronted by pikon phrases like these:
    “Eh di pumunta ka sa ibang bansa” or “ano ba nagawa mo?”

    -May sariling planeta ang Pilipinas! Hiwalay sa Earth?
    -WoW! Feeling inapi ka naman (kayo) agad.
    -'Pag pikon banat agad 'di muna mag-isip.
    -'Di ko kailangan ng permiso mo hindi kita boss. I don't need your permission you're not the of boss me.
    -Wala akong kailangan patunayan sa iyo.

    Then they start with their “paawa effect” and try to impose “fake guilt” on you. Don't give in, stand your ground. Keep exposing their attempts at fallacy.

    Kung binabara ka may pangontra-bara. Para sila naman ung mabigla at matameme at nang mabawasan ung feeling mayabang ng mga pinoy priders na yan.

    Pero ingat pa rin 'pag napikon at nabara pa sila mag-rariot iyang mga yan. Di na nagbago yung ugali.


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