Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach's Victory As Miss Universe 2015 Might Be A Two-Edged Sword

Have you never noticed that when a Filipino makes it big, those annoying Pinoy Pridists are most likely to shout, "PINOY PRIDE!" or "FILIPINO PRIDE!" as loud as they can? I have nothing against Filipinos being happy for their countrymen winning but all that super annoying credit-grabbing has to stop. While I do feel a certain degree of happiness for Pia Alonzo WURTZBACH's victory (I capitalized the letters of her family name to emphasize she's half-German), but the problem is not her victory (as if it's ever a problem at all) but it's all about people who are free-riding on her victory. 

What may also piss off many Pinoy Pridists is her answer to the question on whether or not the United States should have a military presence in the Philippines. Her answer was simple as, "I think that the United States and the Philippines have always had a good relationship with each other. We were colonized by the Americans and we have their culture in our traditions even up to this day. I think that we're very welcoming with the Americans and I don't see any problem with that at all." While they may have shouted "PINOY PRIDE!" but when they heard it, I think a lot of them must have been seriously pissed off by that statement. Just in, yes some of them were pissed off namely those annoying Pinoy rallyists. So really, they want her stand to change? I would say that's a very selfish request. I would think they want her stand to change just so they could freeride on her on thier own stupid agenda of promoting the foolishness of Failipino Culture to the Filipino people.

Ms. Wurtzbach statement may soon make her a real victim of Pinoy Pridists' flip-flopping attitude. Some Pinoy Pridists tend to have the attitude of, "You accept Pinoy Pride or else. If you don't accept it then I better not see you in the Philippines." I'm afraid that she's probably going to face that kind of pressure after she gave her answer about the relationship of the Philippines and the United States. Take note and remember that most Pinoy Pridists are a bunch of fair-weathered people who don't know the value of give and take. Most of them just think of themselves and they think that the world must bow down to them. With what she said, she may soon get an answer like, "How dare you betray us the Filipino people after you gave us a reason for Filipino pride, you dare say that there's no problem with U.S. bases here in the Philippines. You get out of the Philippines you traitor." as if they're not using anything of foreign influence.

When she said that there shouldn't be a problem with U.S. bases in the Philippines, I would like to say that she really knows our military is weak. If those ultranationalists think the Philippines is ready to tackle against China they better think again because we aren't. The military of the Philippines couldn't even handle lesser cases like the Rolando Mendoza incident, couldn't even handle local terrorists, crime is rampant and not to mention the Mamasapano Incident then how can they handle China's huge army? China's other rival nations such as Taiwan and Japan are not foolish enough to reject any foreign help when needed. If they want to really fight China on their own, they better go ahead and manufacture their own weapons all in the name of having a Sariling Atin Only economy. While they also protest against America but they're wearing clothes of American influence, they have imported stuff and maybe at the end of the day they're eating at Kentucky Fried Chicken. The same goes for that ultranationalist idiot Toady Casino who wished that she'd change her opinion on that issue.

Ultranationalist Pinoys obsessed with Pinoy racial purity may also bring up that she's half-German. There is the possibility that every time a Filipino who's not of Pinoy descent wins then there's always the possibility of an outrage. Did you remember Tiffany Grace Uy and UP when some argued that because of her Chinese heritage (father side only, I think) that they gave out violent reactions or when some Filipino-Chinese scores big in foreign competitions - they still cry foul because it wasn't a Pinoy who won there. They might even use her being only half-Filipino as the reason to why she said it as if there aren't any decent-minded Pinoys who are fed up with their stupidity. What's important is not the ethnicity of that certain Filipino citizen but that achievement was done in the name of the Filipino. Then again, what do you expect from a bunch of racist ultranationalists who think they are the most powerful race in the world?

What matters is not so much on Ms. Wurtzbach's racial identity, her crown or anything. What's important for me is that she said something worth listening to. It's time to really tell those ultranationalists that they might as well start their own nation in some uncharted island with their own set of policies. I can only say kudos to her for telling the blunt truth when she was asked that question about U.S. bases in the Philippines.


  1. When you Sean said..."but the problem is not her victory (as if it's ever a problem at all) but it's all about people who are free-riding on her victory."...I'm curious, do you expect FIlipinos not to feel proud of the victory she brought to the Philippine? Is that what you mean? I don't know if you're aware or not, Filipino culture give high regards as in putting their idols in pedestal, so don't expect them to keep their mouth shut, it's what they are, whether you like it or not. The victory of one is the victory of the whole Phil. country.

    1. I'm already expecting most Filipinos to be free riders. I'm already expecting them to do what they do.

    2. Sorry to say, but you're judgmental.

    3. It's okay to feel proud but freeriding is a totally different issue.

  2. What is the common denominator between the Filipina Miss Universe winners lately?
    They have white Caucasian fathers. The latest winner's father is a German. The winner before her has an American father. I'm not sure if there would be a Hungarian girl who is a mixed -let's say half Chinese and half Hungarian - and would be allowed to represent Hungary. Hungarians would agree that she maybe beautifull but they would also agree that she is not representing Hungarian women because she doesn't look like them. It is not about racism, but true representation of Hungarians. Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach is beautiful but has little in common with Filipinas. Her height (5' 7"), her race is really not what I know as a Filipina. To me it's fascinating how Filipinos have no problem with this kind of representation. What would happen if African countries would start using half white mixed black women as their representation? They would look beautiful I'm sure but would they represent the women in their native countries? Why is there a need to mix white with the native race? No wonder many in this world cries white supremacism when in realty it is none-whites who promote these beauty standards but blame whites for it.

  3. I should not comment on this topic alone, we are just being used as puppets.

  4. I'm half German by heritage and I am happy we Germans have the latest Miss Universe to our credit.


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