Many Filipinos Need To Learn That Just Because They Have The Capacity To Do It, Doesn't Mean They Should Do All The Wrong As They Please!

A lot of Filipinos focus on what they can do and what they want to do just because they can do it. Breaking rules is a norm for many Filipinos which may have worsened no thanks to the Commission of Human Rights and David Guerrero's slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines". But as I love to raise the question, "How can the Philippines progress if many of its citizens refuse to even follow simple guidelines such as do not push the button?" The whole problem is not just also political but also cultural since a lot of Filipinos refuse to change their culture of breaking rules. Considering Christmas and New Year is just around the corner, I felt like writing about this one considering that based on observation, people are more selfish during the holidays than any time of the year.

I am reminded of some stupid people who even dare to say something as stupid as, "I will kill myself if I have to follow all those rules." They complain that rules such as fining people for littering is "Draconian" never mind that when you litter everywhere, you dirty the surroundings. If people were given certain justifiable fines for littering like PHP 500.00 or up for littering with proper law enforcement, I do expect streets to be cleaner. Did you know that garbage can clog the drainage and lead to flooding? Do you know that a single spark of fire can burn down an entire community? Then again, what do you expect from a people who embrace a culture of anti-intellectualism with open arms? They refuse to think and they somehow feel the entitlement that they can do what they want all in the name of a dysfunctional democracy.

If they want to break rules all because they can do it then they have their dysfunctional sense of freedom attached then they choose to use their freedom in the wrong way. An example would be this picture of Mar Roxas. Roxas can put the rice into the mug or put water into the plate but it doesn't mean he should do it because he wants to, right? Don't give me the we are in a free country excuse because even in a democracy, there are rules that should be followed. There should be rules that would ensure the betterment of the country and not rules to encourage impunity and stupidity.

There will always be consequences of not following rules even when there are no authorities. Even if your car doesn't get clamped for purposely parking in the wrong area, it can still cause traffic or you could invite your car to disaster from angry pedestrians. If you choose to smoke near flammables, doesn't take the person who owns the area to trigger the explosion as it is a natural reaction. If you eat dirty food then getting any form of stomach upset or food poisoning is the natural outcome of doing so. Crossing the street when the pedestrian light is red may land you in a hospital or to your death. In short, people who don't like to follow rules may end up destroying themselves one way or another.

So really, stop with your we are a free country excuse to excuse your misbehavior.