If DILG Secretary Mar Roxas Can't Delegate Work, What Good Will That Do When He's President?

Just look at the picture above folks. Do you see Mar Roxas is doing a lot of stuff like when he does menial jobs just to get attention? Now I have nothing against the affluent doing menial jobs, in fact I don't find it degrading at all. The problem is not Roxas doing menial jobs but the fact that while he does his menial jobs or rides the MRT, he has shown signs that he possibly cannot lead. Anybody can do menial jobs but there must be delegation involved.

What Mar Roxas should be doing is to show us not only can he do menial work but that he can actually lead workers to do better work. An example would be he should show how he can promote harmony in the workplace. It just reminded me of how I decided to apply process tasking to manual labor which in turn promoted efficiency and effectiveness among the workers. Joining in with them as an extra hand is not much of a difference if there is nobody to lead. I would want to vote for somebody who shows his leadership skills, not somebody who becomes a Transformer into anything but a good leader.

It's annoying and at the same time funny to think Mar Roxas still thinks of running for president considering he even lost his bid for the vice presidency. With what I mentioned, I really want to ask the question that if he can't even delegate simple tasks then he won't make a good president either. The Philippines has 7,107 islands in its territory and it takes more than just the president to run it. Why do you think that aside from the executive there is also the legislative and the judicial? If Mar can't even delegate the menial tasks, how can he even govern if he decides to become "King of epals" by becoming Boy Senator, Boy Congressman, Boy Judge, Boy Mayor, etc. rather than assign the tasks to the respective people to help run the country?

That's why I am in for a Federal or decentralized government because managing a nation is not a one person task. When this guy say, "Our constitution is not our weakness." well he is wrong. I don't say the whole constitution is our weakness but the 1987 Constitution has some flaws. Aside from the restriction on receiving Foreign Direct Investment, the current constitution is too centralized. As a result, Manila ends up as a traffic inferno not only because of people who refuse to follow simple traffic guidelines, too many activities are centered in Imperial Manila when it's supposed to be Metro Manila. Mar really needs to see reality that if he can't even delegate simple tasks, how can he expect to lead the nation?


  1. I guess the Yellow Virus Syndrome has affected him greatly that it came to this. And it's pretty much incurable already...... XD (I guess same goes for his wife Korina)

  2. Kelan kaya siya magiging si Boy Patay?


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