Pictures That Show Many Filipinos Take Floods Very Lightly

I have previously written about floods not being fun in the Philippines and Imperial Manila's wrong attitude towards it, now it's time for me to present a short post showing how stupid people choose to be. Now be amazed, be very amazed.

I always thought this is one of the stupidest things to do... floating a cushion and enjoying the dirty flood water. This somehow reflects the indifference of many Filipinos.

Flood and basketball? I don't know if these people are even considering that they are becoming basketcases if they are playing in the flood where all the germs are there. If they want to play waterball, why don't they save enough money to go to the sports complex?

Floods and cocktail parties? No thanks! I wouldn't risk losing my gadgets and money attending their stupidity. If they think I'm jealous, I am telling these people that their actions are stupid because they are making fools out of themselves.