Many Filipinos' Love For Gossiping About Other People Prove They Have Small Minds!

I have noticed with the many stupid people I met and meet, I ask them what's their favorite show. Some of them mention their favorite show is Kris TV or in the past, the show of the late Inday Badiday to name a few shows. If they are watching anything imported, they are usually focus on gossip shows rather than educational shows. One possible line that might have been said by Kris TV viewers might be, "Oh good Sineskwela is no longer in ABS-CBN. Kris TV is much better and my child will learn more from it."

It's not just the TV show but what you hear so often. Why not try riding a jeepney or a bus and notice what most Filipinos love to talk about. It reminded me one of them only talks about people. One of them even said, "Well talking about events and ideas is for small brainers." Wow, just wow and from what I have observed, many Filipinos have a very wrong definition of smart which is none other than the culture of anti-intellectualism. This kind of attitude has led many Filipinos to love sensationalism instead of the facts. People would instead choose to get excited rather than absorb the facts that they need to know.

Is it wrong to talk about people? Not really but most Filipinos just focus too much on nonsense or the fault of others without looking at themselves. Instead of focusing of learning from other people, all they do is sensationalize and focus only on the wrong. What's ironic is that while they are in the quest to expose how "stupid" so and so is, they are inadvertently exposing themselves to be even more stupid than who they think is stupid.