Many Filipinos Can't Expect Progress If They Refuse To Follow The Simple Command Of, "DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON"

Looking at this picture by Peter Griffin, I can think about people who can't follow simple guidelines. Do you remember my example at Ocean Park?  I am saddened to think but most people not only refuse to follow guidelines but refuse to see why the guidelines are in place. With this picture of Peter Griffin, one has to think of why guidelines do exist. 

What's the reason for guidelines anyway? It's for peace and safety on both sides. Let's just think of the situation of "DO NOT PUSH THE BUTTON". Now let's think about the situation of facilities that have it like power plants where disaster level is very high. People need strict guidelines in that place not only because of employee safety but also because of public safety.

Just think what if people decided to push the button and it was let's say an alarm or activates any function like a water sprinkler or worse, self-destruct mechanism. If they press that button for fun, well just prepare for the worst consequences. You may end up destroying stuff for nothing or worse, human lives are involved like deaths may happen all because somebody won't follow simple guidelines.