Learning The Right View Of Sharing Will Help The Philippines!

Okay since some of you complain I'm being too "negative" and "Draconian" so I might try to use this post to talk about the right kind of sharing, after I just talked about how wrong kind of sharing is bad for the country. When I discussed about the wrong kind of sharing, I was talking about supporting parasitism and the like. But now I should at least talk about how the right kind of sharing works.

As I mentioned earlier, progress is not only brought by the right economic policies that promotes free trade with reasonable restrictions but also in the spirit of teamwork and cooperation. When I think of progressive countries, I think about the spirit of teamwork where they get rid of anything that hinders it and works together with differences that can be worked on. When you look at the Japanese teamwork spirit, you can see why Modern Japan has become a progressive power. When you look at Singapore's history from rags to riches, it was because people soon cooperated with Lee Kwan Yew to turn the nation upside down from its third world state to a developed country. If the Singaporeans of yesterday did not overcome their idiocy way back in the past and did not cooperate with Lee himself, I don't think Singapore today would have become that wonder state it is today.

So what's the right view of sharing? It is rooted on the principle of give and take which is also the principle of not doing to others what you do not want others to do to you. I share my resources, you share your resources and let's help each other whenever one is in need. It's just like in the workplace principle of no work, no pay, you work, you get paid and everybody must be paid accordingly. In the process of buy and sell, no pay, no transaction. The basic reason is that if you don't pay the person who provides you the product or service, how is the person going to keep his business running? As said, forget about the bugoy mentality that says, "Eh di mayaman naman yung tao, bakit hindi na lang siya laging magpalibre?" which is, "Well the person is rich, why doesn't he/she just keep giving stuff for free?" never mind that money, products and services are all part of the whole cycle of business. You can have money but it's useless without products and services. Products and services cannot continue to be sold and to be rendered if money is not given.

Progressive minded Filipinos have the right view of sharing. OFWs with a plan wouldn't hesitate to refuse their relathieves and fiends who demand their remittances or scold their children for wasting the money which in turn, at least gets them out of poverty one way or another like making their own business or eliminating the need to go abroad. I can see some of them have the habit of offering a free meal to each other as in, you gave me a free meal last time, this time I am giving you a free meal and neither side asks for any free meal. When it comes to the workplace, everybody cooperates with each other like the stronger helps the weaker, rather than the view that the strong has the right to oppress the weak. While certainly nature dictates that the strong will survive and the weak will perish, it's important to know that we all have our times when we are weak or when we are strong, in teamwork, you help the weak to become strong so he or she does not perish. In other words, you give and receive in order to have progress.

Aside from the product's competitive advantage, one reason why those businesses succeed or fail is also dependent on the right view of sharing. Everyone must contribute to the business for it to succeed and every position lasts. The boss must provide the employees what they need like salaries and proper treatment, in return they must work properly and the cycle continues. Between the entrepreneur and his or her associates, Looking at the success of Microsoft, Bill Gates values everyone in his company. In Japanese business practices, the spirit of teamwork is fostered. In fact, having the right view of sharing in the workplace creates the competitive advantage like for example, I am amazed at how the cooperation at a local Jollibee office was, the employees did not fight over who gets to entertain the customer but instead, took turns in doing tasks as to make sure that the task is completed. When people start sharing the task, sharing the responsibility which in turn shares the accountability, when people start working together for a common good, the company itself becomes progressive.

In turn, it will have a domino effect from the military to the government to the whole country. Even if some parties may belong to the opposition but they can choose to have a friendly competition over an unhealthy competition, like even if you are competing against each other in the political arena, you two can still work together for a common good. When people from the regional up to the national government will work together for the greater good of the nation, just think of how the Philippines will progress. That's why I am for a more decentralized and less centralized government because 7,107 islands is too many. It's really time for Filipinos to learn and to keep learning the right kind of sharing.