Want To Commit Suicide Because Of The Rules For Discipline? GO AHEAD BE MY GUEST!

I still couldn't forget that incident that some crazy fat American who wants to migrate to the Philippines commented something like, "What? You people love Singapore so much. That city is a tyranny. I will kill myself if I have to follow all those rules." I also hear the same reaction from bad and undisciplined Filipinos who tell decent and well-disciplined Filipinos/Pinoys something like, "Eh kung ganun gusto mo, hindi ka ba ma-konsensiya kapag marami sa amin magpakamatay dahil sa mga polisiya na gusto niyong ilagay sa bansa natin, eh Komunista?" or for non-Tagalog speakers, that's, "If that's what you want, won't your conscience bother you if a lot of us will commit suicide because of the polices you want to put into our country you Communist?"

At first, I couldn't help but facepalm to facedesk to facewall hearing that comment. I mean what's really so hard to do in following simple guidelines? Is it very hard to do stuff like flush the toilet after using, not to litter anywhere, follow traffic rules, not to vandalize other people's property and the rest? Just think of of the fact that Singapore has also progressed that far because of discipline and strict law enforcement. While Singapore is not a perfect country but remembering my trip there and going back to the Philippines, I noticed how the city itself is so clean and orderly. Any trip to Imperial Manila, I cannot help but get infuriated at the lack of discipline people have there - no wonder the crime rate is so high! They're NOT even Draconian to make you pay a certain fee for dumping your garbage left and right.

So as they said, they would commit suicide because they have to follow the rules, I felt like the better response might be, "Go ahead be my guest. I am not stopping you but I won't help you kill yourselves, do it yourself." instead of doing my typical Galvatronic outbursts against them. Whenever they blame Singapore's and Japan's suicide rates due to strict rules, they don't even think outside the box to see there are several reasons why people commit suicide like one's willful inability to accept failure or insanity. In their case if they want to commit suicide because of a strict implementation of discipline and they want to call me a Commie or a dictator, go ahead. Besides, they just refuse to tell the difference between a Communist or dictatorial state and a disciplinary state. That's why I was using the word "Failipino" for several instances is because, they really shame the Philippines.

If those unruly and undisciplined Filipinos will all decide to commit suicide because there will be the implementation of a disciplinary government, then it might really usher a real Great Leap Forward for the Philippines. Just think of all those idiots who don't want to follow rules killed themselves then just think of how many problems will be reduced without having to lift a finger against them. You might not get as much people who keep breaking guidelines all in the name of "It's More Fun in the Philippines" if they all decide to commit suicide because of the rules. So really, if they want to kill themselves, let them kill themselves because of the rules, they are doing every decent Filipino a favor with that action. Either they reform themselves from their utterly foolish culture or kill themselves. It's their choice because as said, if they want to kill themselves, I am not going to stop them.


  1. Indeed, they will be doing humanity a big favor because not only will they be decreasing the number of stupid people around the world, that's also population control minus the effort: no more need to distribute contraceptives, starve them to death, or put them in gas chambers.

    With that said, I can't help but say, "Now who said everyone is worth saving?" (Yeah, I know I sounded like a supervillain there...)

    As for CHR, aka Criminals Have Rights, and human rights fags, f*** off. You're not defending humans; what you are defending are creatures who have already thrown away their humanity... (I admit I already have thrown away my humanity in a way, but at least I admitted it)

  2. "To be an authoritarian means to favor obedience at the expense of personal freedom. To be authoritative means to enforce authority without getting rid of personal freedom."

    We need authoritarianism and authoritarian rule/regime/government/state to trample democracy, civil liberties and bill of rights to obey strong leader, just like the the way it is in China since Han and Qing dynasty, NOT Singapore OR North Korea.


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