Unmanaged Traffic Is KILLING The Economy Of The Philippines!

Looking at this meme made out of Joseph Abaya Pabaya, I simply want to facedesk on the comment because traffic problems can be disastrous.  Now based on Sun Star news, here's something this moron of a DOTC secretary has ignored.  Here's something that he needs to realize about traffic.  Traffic itself is costing PHP 3 billion pesos of economic loss and to say that traffic is a sign of progress is absolutely B.S. one way or another.

Here's an excerpt that should be slammed to Pabaya's face several times because that guy is living in Lala-Land:

A study in 2012 by the Japan International Cooperation Agency found that time lost by people stuck in traffic and the extra cost of operating vehicles in gridlock in metropolitan Manila and nearby areas amounted to P2.4 billion ($51 million) a day, Economic Planning Secretary Arsenio Balisacan said.

With a bigger population today and more vehicles on the roads, and taking into consideration other costs including to the health of commuters, Balisacan said P3 billion is a conservative estimate. The cost over a year is 0.8 percent of gross domestic product.

Government infrastructure spending has been delayed, with agencies underspending due to difficulty in complying fast enough with new requirements to make public funding more transparent and corruption-free. Some of the big ticket projects under the public-private partnership program have also encountered bidding problems.

Okay let's talk about simple logic about traffic.  Now traffic can be a sign of progress like if your blog or website has high traffic but left unmanaged, it can create a series of misfortunes.  For example, I really dare Pabaya to get a life-threatening injury, get the ambulance stuck in traffic and let's see him live through that!  I wonder if President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino Jr. was really thinking properly of the problems like the Metro Railway Transit or the traffic problem in Manila is indeed bad for business.  I don't need to have a doctorate in economics or business administration to understand the truth that UNMANAGED TRAFFIC IS BAD FOR THE ECONOMY!

How can I say that?  I didn't learn any of these in graduate school or undergraduate, I learned this based on experience.  Now let's say that a factory needs the materials.  The company prepares to deliver the materials but then let's just say there's a stupid political road project.  Let's just say that the next route that could have been used was the Macapagal Avenue but no thanks to President Nobita's hatred for Gloria Macapagal Arroyo, they refuse to fix the road.  Now think with your common sense - how can the factory produce its goods if the raw materials don't arrive on time?  It doesn't take a Harvard Business Graduate to understand the consequences of traffic to the flow of business.  It will also give people more justification towards habitual tardiness which contributes to inefficiency.

Go ahead and insert any idiotic Noytard logic but facts can't be changed that unmanaged traffic can cause a.  Now I don't deny that there's a Gross Domestic Product increase but how long will it last if traffic is left unmanaged?  Traffic is a sign of growing economy?  That statement is just another of the many mental opiums of the Filipino society aside from David Guerrero's slogan which as said, that slogan won't erase the problems of the Philippines.  It functions as a drug for stupid people who refuse to face reality that when they are stuck in traffic, it's because it's because of poor road management and not because the economy is improving.  Because of that statement, I wonder if President Nobita really deserves his degree in A.B. Economics because the only degree he deserves right now is A.B. Normal.  So really, when will our government officials realize traffic is bad for the economy?