The Late President Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. And Voltes V

Whenever I hear of the late dictator's excuse of banning Voltes V because of "violence", come on there were other shows more violent than that. I mean, my mother said there were still other shows that were not banned from the Marcos era. From what I heard, it was FIVE episodes or was it midseason that the show was suddenly banned?

An interesting theory was that the late Ferdinand Marcos Sr. himself was afraid of being overthrown. Aside from the current Aquino problem, there's also the Marcos problem and somehow, I don't even know whether or not all the bad stories allegedly done by the Aquinos are really true, the same goes for the blots of the Marcoses. But let's just focus on the late dictator rather than his son Bongbong or the incompetent idiot, President Nobita.

When I rewatch Voltes V, midseason a rebellion was already in place. The plot was that Dr. Kentaro Gou (actually Prince Lagour of Boazan) was already planning to liberate his planet from the tyranny of Zanbazil's regime. The last five episodes had the rebellion carry out which I thought, "Could that be the whole reason why Marcos suddenly banned it because he was afraid that his regime would be toppled down. I am just left with speculations to why it happened but most likely, he was afraid that people would rise up against his tyranny.

Remembering Voltes V episode 28 which was called, "Our Father, Kentaro Gou's Secret", I always thought of why Marcos banned the Anime to start with. In that episode, Kentaro Gou who was revealed to be Prince Lagour of Boazan, was in for the reforms. Zanbazil the bastard son of the previous emperor seized power by illegitimate means. When Zanbazil took over the throne, he had every possible political rival either imprisoned or executed. In short, Voltes V was really the kind of entertainment that makes you think in contrast to the telebasuras. It may seem childish but it did contain issues that many people failed to see like the statement, "Evil men prevail when good men do nothing."

When I thought of Professor Kentaro Gou's true identity as Prince Lagour, he could not stand to see the inequality in his planet. Boazanians born without horns were mistreated and he was born as one. For him, it was not revenge but equality that he sought out for but that dream was shattered far too many times. Just when he was about to become the next emperor by legitimacy (even if he had no horns), his evil cousin Zanbazil took away a possible reign of legitimacy. He had lost a lot and he had no idea that his son had become Prince Heinel, the newest second-in-command of the emperor causing a feud between him and a son he didn't know existed. In spite of the odds, he still chose to fight anyway for the sake of his people.

However, let me also raise the problem behind this that even after EDSA-1, people still haven't learned their lesson. Cronyism was still encouraged and the anti-political dynasty provision does not get strictly enforced. At the same time, people just blame the rest of the Marcoses and keep praising the Aquinos like they are never wrong. So really, it's all the same rotten foundation left by Marcos while it continues under different persons. At the same time, I find it annoying how so many Filipinos tend to detest heroism but demand justice for martial law victims.