My Speculation Of Possible Crazy Events That MIGHT Happen During Suzy Bae's Visit To The Philippines!

Knowing that Suzy Bae going to be in the Philippines this September 16, 2015 in SM EDSA Skydome, I can't help but think of possible events that might actually happen.  I might sound really speculative but I thought about how those annoying ultranationalists might actually stir trouble over Suzy's event in the Philippines.  So what's with this post?  I'm just being speculative with possibilities of Suzy's arrival, it could get chaotic for several reasons.

Lee Min Ho fangirls might cause trouble

One of the biggest problems in the Philippines is how the fangirl base can go with their admiration of the celebrities. Lee Min Ho is a household name in the Philippines ever since the Koreanovela invasion of the Philippines. I just thought that some Pinay fans of Lee Min Ho are already acting like as if they know him when he does not.

The butthurt local entertainers might shout foul again

Oh don't give me anymore of their spoiled attitude whenever they demand protectionism because as said, they shouldn't even be acting like as if their equipment were all made in the Philippines. Oh really, don't tell me everything that the local entertainers are using are Filipino-made because they are not.  Plus, their crying out of "colonial mentality" should Suzy's event become a full house as of contemporary Filipino culture (both the good and the bad) didn't have any foreign influence or don't tell me their television sets were made in the Philippines. Hmmm should I mention the possibility that Kris Aquino might bitch and whine because maybe, even some of the most loyal Kris fans will be there too because Suzy suddenly gets all the attention. Can't that Kris Aquino just learn to value give and take? Well you know, play the victim card again.

Ultranationalist idiots will cause trouble again

As I mentioned earlier, I always thought of the stupidity behind those ultranationalists who keep acting like they aren't using anything of foreign influence. I always thought about their tendency to hate foreign shows (or do they) but they hypocritically rejoice whenever a Filipino appears in it. I could already imagine if any stupid stuff will happen like any Failipino activist groups will start to protest against Suzy or two, knowing that what she's endorsing is Lenovo which is by the way, a Chinese MULTINATIONAL COMPANY and due to the current anti-Chinese paranoia, there can be a lot of stupid stuff going on.  They might accuse her of helping China invade the Philippines or again, how many times do those STUPID ACTIVISTS need to realize that foreign investment is NOT foreign invasion or two, they just love to bitch and whine against foreign investors then they complain why they lack jobs. But at the end of the day, well they might eat at a Korean restaurant or watch Koreanovela.

She might get persona non-grata if she states something that's brutally honest

Do you remember that happened to Claire Danes? It was so 1998 but I can't forget the stupidity of declaring persona non-grata on her. So really, it's a bad habit that many Filipinos have that is, they don't want to give a second thought for negative opinion or two, at least allow people to have it.  So what if she might mention all the garbage or the pests that abound Imperial Manila, they might actually demand for her persona non-grata because she stated the brutal truth about Manila's sanitation. Hmmm... just to think about it, I made a similar hypothetical situation on what if Takeru Sato could have gotten persona non-grata in my celebrities blog, way before this blog existed. Well, I do hope Suzy won't get persona non-grata because I'm tired of all that stupid waving of persona non-grata towards the wrong person.