Looking At Three Ways That Many Filipinos Choose To Become Failipinos

As I have run out of ideas for this blog, fortunately Grimwald from Get Real Philippines had posted an article that I'd like to make my own version of. The title is called "Three Big Reasons Why Filipinos Will Always Be Stupid" though I have decided to modify the title because NOT all Filipinos will always be stupid, to which I will try to explain through the three reasons that Grimwald provided with my own examples.

What can be observed is that in history, stupidity prevails over smartness. I mean, you can think about how many times it has been that the majority has been wrong and one small person has always been right. As said, the problem of the Philippines is that it's ruled by a democracy that's ruled by the rule of stupid. When I think about the rule of stupid, I recalled mentioning about how stupid people get into power, it's because of the majority who votes for them. Rather than choose economists and lawyers, most of the politicians are actors and athletes.

Now it's time to tackle on the three ways that Filipinos choose to become Failipinos but there may be more ways:

1.) Purposely not paying attention at all

As I love to repeat myself like a looped song or a broken music player, a lot of Filipinos have the habit of purposely not following guidelines when it's given to them. Take a look at how driving in the Philippines is definitely not more fun when you have taxi drivers and jeepney drivers that treat the road like it's a racing tournament when it's not. You can have pedestrians who love to jaywalk and even quarrel with the traffic enforcers. When one decides to ignore guidelines like having the bad habit of the bad habit of being one hour late, they are purposely not paying attention at all.

Aside from not following guidelines, I noticed how many Filipinos are indeed... POINT MISSERS. One good example of that practice is when they do not bother to finish reading an article before they comment on anything which shows they purposely do not pay attention to detail. In short, when they read something that offends them, they immediately comment which I assume that because they think they are so smart, they don't need to read through the post. This is prevalent in both written and oral communication. It just reminds me of how that even before the speaker has finished, many Filipinos are sure to react, even if they are not directly hit (i.e. named) but if it offends them, don't expect the speech to be finished.

The same goes for a lot of President Nobita loyalists, their stupidity is indeed very amazing, very amazing indeed. They are easily carried out by, "Oh we are Asia's next miracle." never mind they haven't been paying attention to details like reality needs to be faced like traffic can kill the economy, that Philippine education is really so bad (ex. We're doing our Math wrong), that the only people who have protectionism as a blessing are the oligarch mafia, that foreign investors work better than OFW reliance and not to mention that the current administration still has issues to answer for like the DAP, PDAF, neglect of Typhoon Yolanda victims in Tacloban (just because the mayor if the city is a Romualdez and the president is an Aquino) or that the Philippines is NOT even ready to defeat China in the case of an invasion. Then again, I don't support those Marcos loyalists either because they are not paying attention to all the facts that are stacked against their idol, the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr.

2.) Deluding one's self out of reality

I used David Guerrero as an example for this point because that guy needs to see a clearer picture of the Philippines. I am afraid that the whole slogan itself is nothing more an opium to get Filipinos out of touch with reality. I have observed how the poster itself promotes a culture of impunity. Many times, I observed how many people break rules then say, "Well (insert offense), it's more fun in the Philippines." which in turn, the slogan also promotes a culture of dysfunction. I really wonder if Guerrero himself is an idiot or is he a con artist? Looking at his pictures, I always feel like he's out of touch with the reality around him. Every time I think about the slogan, "It's More Fun in the Philippines" I only want to say, "Oh really?  So tell me then, are you just using the slogan as the opium of today's Filipino society?" to such people.

It's often said by others that the Philippines is a nation of happy people but I beg to disagree. Just because there are squatters in Tondo with their smiles does not mean they are happy or just because you see a couple of Taiwanese-Chinese frowning in the crowd does not mean they are unhappy. What needs to be emphasized is that a smile can be a phase of denial. Unfortunately in the Philippines, happiness is just like a drug or an overdose of pain relievers. Even if the marijuana plant has its medical uses but it cannot be denied that abusing it or overdosing would be bad for your health. Remember morphine is a pain reliever administered by a medical expect but when you overdose on it trying to make yourself feel good, you destroy yourself. When I think of why people who abuse marijuana or morphine don't think well, it's because they want to get out of reality. I guess this explains why a lot of Filipinos tend to get involved in sniffing rugby, smoking marijuana or getting involved with narcotics because they just want to be happy all the time.

If you want to see a group of deluded people, look no further than people who indulge in the drug of Failipino Pride and the drug of enjoying one's blunder. Many Filipinos think that they are the greatest race in the world even that is not true. Just because Gilas made some wins, remember they also had some losses which most of them were fair and square plus their victory has NOTHING to do with their being Filipino or Pinoy but it was their own hard work. What can be observed also is how many Filipinos refuse to even understand basic economic principles. Like they really want to believe that the Philippines can support itself in their aim of a Sariling Atin only mentality where they contradict themselves at more than one level. I mean, don't tell me that they aren't using any foreign stuff or stuff that is not of Pinoy influence? Ironic that these ultranationalists are even on the Internet which is invented by AMERICANS. They should just live in the mountains or forests if they hate progress. They just love to enjoy their blunder because they hate the bitter truth.

3.) Choosing to be in a state of denial

Hmmm I just love picking on those stupid activists, don't I? Considering Edz Ello has gotten his sentence, I expect those annoying activists would reveal their hatred for Singapore. What does this have to do with denial? Even after twenty years of the truth prevailing that Flor Contemplacion was indeed guilty of murdering both Delia Maga and the four year old Nicholas Huang, they continue to deny the evidence, choosing to believe in the B.S. evidence given by Virginia Parumog (who insist she overhead the plan to kill Delia but remember, they were speaking in CHINESE and she could not understand a single word) and the stupid movie that seriously makes me go "HUH?!" even with all the stupid inconsistencies, they choose to believe it. Years later, the three drug mules that were executed in China became another source of national outrage. When will they ever learn that they are defending crooks and worse, making heroes out of crooks?

Another state of denial is through the use of the victim card. It's really stupid that there are many stupid reasons to file a case in court. A movie director or script writer gets mad at a critic's negative opinion, then he or she may shout foul or worse sue the critic. Now I don't like receiving negative opinion (Who does?!) but again, there's a line between negative opinion against defamation. For example, if I give a really bad review towards a video game, movie or whatever, I am just expressing my opinion and that it actually helps a person from becoming a bandwagon fan. For example, somebody doesn't like my written work and points out everything he or she thinks is wrong with it, that person is ENTITLED to share their negative thoughts and those who like it, are free to like it as long as they don't act like toddlers. Defamation would be where I would actually give false accusation whether it's oral or written to destroy the reputation of somebody. Sad to say but many Filipinos are very onion-skinned that's why stupid laws like the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law where one can sue anyone for simply liking or writing a negative review exists.

When I think of choosing to be in a state of denial, it goes back to point number one and point number two. A lot of Filipinos are in denial because they refuse to pay attention and they refuse to accept reality. So really, I thought about how often they deny their real feelings like poor children can smile and frolic a lot but later, they can be seen crying because they have nothing to eat. You can see a drunk man laughing like happy in the bar but later, he goes home met by an angry family because he has not brought the money they need for their basic needs. You can deny the truth several times but as said, ignoring a major problem does not make it go away. While some problems like stupid people or negative opinion on certain stuff (ex. my opinion does not match another's, like somebody thinks some things are stupid entries towards the franchise and I don't) can be ignored but you cannot ignore stuff like when you can't pay up for your basic necessities like food, water, electricity, telephone bills and education or when your business needs to be tended because these are much bigger problems. Sad to say but choosing to focus on little problems also causes a state of denial.