Get Real Habitually Tardy Filipinos... One Hour IS A LOT OF TIME TO WASTE!!!!!

Here's one of the dumbest comments from this video I've read saying, "True being late is not good for the business owner but one hour is not really a lot of time. I highly doubt that this hick lost millions of pesos in the one hour the kid is late. But I can't really say I don't know what kind of business the guy operates. But if it's a restaurant then that's another story."

I want to facedesk on that person's comment (user name is Flipodahippo) which makes me say, "OH REALLY?  One hour is not really a lot of time?" I would say the person is contradicting himself at several levels when he says that being late is not good for the business owner but he defends the practice of being one hour late. What the person himself may have dismissed is that one, one hour is really a lot of time and an hour late contributes to inefficiency at several levels. It's a lot of backlog to be an hour late. What's worse is that for Filipinos who oppose this stupid practice, they tend to get told the stupid argument of, "Eh di pumunta ka na sa ibang bansa?" on their faces.

To say that one hour is not a lot of time is plain stupid because for one, people have their schedules and appointments to meet. I can understand if there are a few minutes of being late like let's just say around five to ten minutes but then, it's time to close the door.  Schedules have been arranged and they have a specific reason for being arranged. Think of why you have to be at the airport an hour before your flight because all the luggages must be CHECKED IN first or two, every plane has a strict schedule to follow to promote efficiency.

Even if the businessman did not lose millions of pesos in that one hour late, sooner or later he will lose a lot of money through opportunity costs due to backlogs and other related stuff due to habitual tardiness.  I may not be an economist or accountant but think of how much opportunity cost is there when you are one hour late. An hour of receiving cash from hungry customers is a lot of money and two, being one hour late is not just about money, it's all about trust.  Just think how much money can be lost within an hour.  So still one hour is not a lot of time and it's not being late? Get real!