Traffic Problems Can Be Disastrous!

Whenever I think of all the problems of the Aquino Administration such as the Metro Railway Transit problems or heavy traffic, I really feel like President Nobita Aquino isn't thinking it clearly and so is Joseph Abaya, better called Joseph Pabaya because he's not really coming up with a proper scheme or anything.  I would like to really address the stupidity of the meme above and if he really said it then SHAME ON HIM!

I previously wrote an article on the Manila traffic as an obstacle of improvement, I would like to address the issue of traffic problems can ultimately lead to disaster.  To say that "Hindi naman siguro fatal yan." or "It's probably not fatal." to traffic problems is stupid.  Then again, I wonder if this guy is even aware of the fact that traffic problems CANNOT be solved if people DO NOT follow guidelines in the first place.  People who don't follow guidelines are in fact one of the reasons why problems like getting run over a car or car crashes (which are both fatal) happen a lot.

When I think of every traffic-related incident, I always love to mention how it slows down the work process.  Now it's time to talk about how fatal traffic can be also to the lives of people especially those who are ill, having high blood pressure (and traffic can inevitably make you shout in anger), pregnant women or those inside an ambulance who need immediate treatment.  Don't tell me it's not fatal for anybody who has high blood pressure to be stuck in traffic and needs medication!  Don't tell me it's not fatal for any pregnant woman to be in traffic... she might prematurely give birth and the baby can be lost!  Don't tell me that it's not fatal for anybody who is in a life and death situation to be stuck in traffic!

Mr. Pabaya can go ahead and do whatever B.S. he has (pardon the language) but facts don't change based on another person's stupidity, Mr. David Guerrero can go ahead and stick that stupid slogan of his in every vehicle or President Nobita can go right ahead and say, "Traffic is a sign of progress." even when it's not always the case.  It doesn't take a doctorate in traffic management to understand the basic fact that TRAFFIC CAN BE DISASTROUS!


  1. Oh, and I'm sure getting run over by a speeding bus or jeep or crushed in between two vehicles stuck in traffic is definitely NOT fatal, especially if you love putting your life in the hands of an inefficient government...... :v

    1. Pabaya really needs to suffer the consequences to see for himself.


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