To All Anti-FLIPFAG Readers, My Aim Is Not Goodbye And Good Riddance Philippines!

I have observed how some Filipinos have become so pessimistic that instead of fighting for a better Philippines, they have decided to say, "That's it!  It's best the Philippines is wiped off from the face of the Earth!" type of talk. There is the tendency to become a weabo (somebody who tries hard to be Japanese but fail at it) or the American bootlickers... in short, they practice some form of colonial mentality and they tend to believe that the Philippines is the worst place on Earth.

I'll admit I used to believe that the Philippines is the worst place on Earth when I was a child.  I really wanted to move out of the Philippines, go to America or at times "Umuwi sa Tsina" when that's just impossible considering that my parents are both natural born even if they are of Chinese descent and I'll admit my Chinese is very limited too. Also, I wanted to go to America, live there and have the country nuke the Philippines into non-existence when I was still in elementary.  Sad to say but some Filipinos have never grown up beyond that phase choosing to remain in that stupid notion that the Philippines is the worst place on Earth and it's best to get rid of it.

Just think what if Lee Kwan Yew decided to say, "Goodbye Singapore." rather than try to fix it from a country that was so poor to the country it is today? When I think of what he did slowly but surely, Singapore had enjoyed the progress it has.  I just think that the pessimists really need to re-think their thinking because they haven't been to places worse than the Philippines. They haven't been to Bangladesh where it floods more than it floods in Manila or they haven't been to Somalia or Ethiopia where it's much worse than the Philippines.