The Tianjin Tragedy Inadvertently Showed How Immature And Hypocritical Many Filipinos Are!

When I looked at all the comments related to the Tianjin tragedy, I can see  a whole load of immaturity in how many Filipinos comment.  Why I call such people as FAILipinos is because they contribute to the failure of the Philippines from ever progressing or how they fail to realize that they are making one stupid choice after the other.  While Miriam Defensor Santiago apologized for her tactlessness against China when she said something bad about it, I may not see apologies from such people.  Sad to say but China has become the national scapegoat country of the Philippines just for about everything.

First, let's talk about immaturity.

Why do I say a lot of Filipinos were revealed to be very immature when the news of the Tianjin tragedy came out?  Do you remember the time you were children when something bad happened to somebody who has offended you then you tend to say, "Good!  You deserve it!" and you decide not to show any sympathy to the person?  Unfortunately the level of immaturity shown in here is even greater with how they are reacting than how we were as children.  Rather than think rationally, all they are doing is rejoicing at a tragedy that has hurt civilians.  They aren't thinking of that the incident in Tianjin may soon repeat itself in the Philippines.

More often than not, you can observe how many Filipinos do not think with their brains, only with their hearts while having the nerve to say that they are professional workers but their behavior is completely contradictory.  Many times, I have noticed how Filipinos can be very immature with their reactions towards the misery of others.  Like immature children, they tend to laugh at people who have misfortunes, they tend to brag about the nice stuff they have never mind they might actually be buried in debt, they have the tendency to think that people are just jealous of them playing the jealousy card to inflate their egos... these are stuff that should have been outgrown in elementary and high school.  Sad to say but a lot of Filipinos choose to never grow up.

Their immaturity can be shown with how they write their comments to the point either they make me laugh, facedesk or they give me CANCER.  They comment like elementary children fighting over nonsense stuff like who's better or fighting over which video game franchise is better.  Worse, they do not even follow simple guidelines like how they keep on writing in Tagalog or even in their regional dialect on FOREIGN SITES.  If you think about writing comments in Tagalog or in their regional dialect, how do they even expect the other side to understand their language?

Second, let's also talk about the hypocrisy.

Why do I wish to address hypocrisy?  Aside from the fact that many Filipinos do not practice give and take, you should examine how they do not practice what they preach or teach.  While a lot of Filipinos claim they are a nation of pro-life and human rights advocates, but I really want to say OH REALLY the same way Miriam Defensor Santiago blasted Impurisima during the interrogation concerning the Mama Si Papa Napaano incident.  Aside from the fact that most Filipinos are just pro-birth because a lot of them don't care about raising their children properly, I would raise some other reasons why all this pro-life ramble is just nothing more than sheer hypocrisy.

Is the Commission on Human Rights really defending the rights of the people or of criminals and offenders of law?  The more I look at the organization, the more I believe it's really nothing more than an organization that defends the rights of squatters and the right to impunity.  Not to mention I believe that the organization has deprived our people to the right of self-defense.  How is it pro-life to really defend Filipinos who have committed crimes worthy of death and if they can't be spared, canonize them as heroes and heroines?  How is it pro-life to ask the government to spare criminals who are worthy of death and to canonize those executed Filipino criminals as heroes and heroines or martyrs for the country?  Oh wait, I guess a lot of Filipinos must still believe that Elizabeth Batain, Ramon Credo and Sally Villanueva were just "victims" when in reality, the three drug mules VOLUNTEERED to carry the drugs.

Also is it really pro-life to rejoice over the death of innocent Chinese?  They can go ahead and justify with their hasty generalization like saying, "All Chinese eat fetus, dogs, they are all pirates and are best wiped out of the face of the Earth!" type of nonsense.  If you ask me, the innocent Chinese citizens may be better off as the "light of Asia" because they are showing that they are not afraid of their bully Communist government, they are more willing to die for their convictions or that they are willing to assist just anybody in need of help.  What about those Filipinos who deserve to be called Failipinos?  They are acting like they are purer than everyone, perhaps that may explain why they keep insisting their guilty citizens should be released and they show more cowardice than bravery.  I have observed how more often than not that many Filipinos are just cowards who don't stand firm for their beliefs while many Chinese are willing to even die like they did that Tiananmen Square Massacre when they protested against injustices.  Oh wait, did I just forget many Filipinos hypocritically cry foul when they are victims of hasty generalization?  They should remember the golden rule that you should never do unto others what you don't want others to do unto you.

At the same time, I want to ask the question if they really know China so thoroughly to cast judgment upon all Chinese?  Do they know that a lot of Chinese now oppose the Yulin dog and cat eating festival?  Did they ever read of the brave Chinese woman who rescued 100 dogs from the butchers?  Do they even realize that no matter how much of a bully the Chinese government is that they are talking immediate action on the deathtrap escalators and elevators as well as the recent tragedy in Tianjin while our government hardly does anything?  As said, cast out the plank out of your own eye first before you get the speck out of other's eye first.