The Padrino System Is Harming The Philippines!

The padrino system is best defined as where one gain's favor because of one's relations or friendship rather than opposed to merit. While I still want to investigate all of Ninoy's alleged charges but I simply want to bring him up because of the issue of how his family and relatives end up getting votes no thanks to that stupid system. I would really still bring Ninoy up even if Ninoy Aquino Day is over because this came into my head. As said, this is all part of necropolitics but again, even if the person is still alive, it will exist.

The whole President Nobita administration might as well be best described as a result of the padrino system which prevailed even before he became president. If you recall, his late mother Cory was only voted as president because Ninoy was shot at the Manila airport. I really wonder if President Nobita himself would have won if Cory didn't die. Maybe he would, after all he still has the name Benigno on him and perhaps the same reason why Bum Aquino also became Senator. The whole idea of political dynasties is also based on the padrino system based on observation. Most people fail to see that the son is NOT his father, both are individual beings so it's no use comparing the son to the father. Like you can have a father who is a writer with fluent English but the son is an engineer with bad English.

Looking at how President Nobita is with his system, he also appoints based on friendship rather than on credibility. During the Mamasapano Incident, I would definitely agree that President Nobita shares part of the blame by sending Alan Impurisima (who was under preventive suspension) based on friendship than on credibility. As Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago said, "If you didn't intervene, maybe those 44 soldiers would have still been alive." to Impurisima. The same goes to why other people who deserved punishment like Butcher Abad and Franklin Drilon are still in power... only those from the opposition got punished. If President Nobita was serious about having a straight road to progress and NOT the straight road to the furnace, any friends of is guilty should also be dismissed as well.

It's problematic really to keep favoring your friends and relatives when more qualified people come along. Sad to say but a lot of Filipinos tend not to listen even to more qualified peoplebecause they only care about the stupidity of the padrino system. Just because so and so is your friend does not mean he or she is qualified to sit. It would be better if you appointed the more qualified person from the opposition than the idiot in your same party. Sad to say but the Philippines is run by a culture that values KKK - Kapatid, Kamag-anak and Kaibigan over valuing Kasipagan, Kaunlaran and Kagitingan.