The Film "Anak" And Its Relevance To Filipino Society

While I normally have been dodging Filipino films left and right doesn't mean I won't watch one that addresses a real message like the film "Anak".  The film starred Vilma Santos who really can act, I really cried looking at the film.  However the message is more important than the emotional impact that Vilma brings to her crying so beautifully scenes.  I would really talk about how the film shows the real downside of Overseas Filipino WORKER families.

Nothing has been more annoying than arguing with those idiots who have that Failipino view of economics.  Failipino because such a view causes Filipinos to become failures.  Like as I said, how many times do I need to address the fact that the OFW phenomenon does not mean that Filipinos are taking over the world?  If that were true then every labor export country is ruling the world.  Besides, Edz Ello is getting whatever sentenced he will deserve from six weeks to twenty weeks in prison this September 16, 2015.

When I look at the film, was Josie helping the Philippines take over the world?  No!  In fact, she ended up with an abusive employer in Hong Kong!  She had to bow down to that abusive employer in Hong Kong.  Fortunately the film also showed some employers were good but Josie landed on a bad one.  I couldn't help but cry as the main character herself endures a lot of pain and how the family was falling apart because she had to be abroad, something that eventually caused the family a series of problems.  I believe the film addresses the fact that OFW life is not glamorous as you think.

When I looked at Josie's children, it does explain in part why so many OFW families remain poor.  The husband who suddenly died (presumably due to vices) was wasting the money and later, the rebellious daughter Carla also wasted the money for her stupid activities not caring about how hard it is to earn money abroad.  Michael was somebody who cared about his mom and wanted a change.  Somehow I felt like Carla and Michael represented two types of Pinoys in our society - the decent Filipino and one who chooses to be a Failipino.

The more I look at how the film went, Carla represents just how many Filipinos can be ungrateful at the same time, a possible consequence in OFW families, namely parental estrangement.  Like when will the government of the Philippines ever realize that families are getting torn apart by the OFW phenomenon and when will the Filipino activists like Migraine International even realize the message of the film?  Like when will they realize these cases will be lessened if economic liberalization and constitutional reform is badly needed?  Repeal 60/40... and stop with the mentality that foreigners are taking over if they invest.  Wow, do they even know wherever you do business, you follow the rules and it is not a political conquest?  Oh wait, they don't like following rules right?

If there's any film that should be shown, forget that stupid Flor Contemplacion movie as it was all but a twisted fabrication.  Filipinos need to be fed with more thought-provoking films like "Anak" and when it comes to OFW reality, this film needs to be shown to how hard it is to be one.  Unfortunately, most people have their culture of anti-intellectualism where a film like "Anak" will always be ignored while a film that caters to their stupidity is always welcomed.


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