The "Eh Sino Ka? Hero?" Mentality Is Keeping The Philippines Far Away From Progress!

Have you ever tried to speak something against our current society and all you get is, "Eh sino ka? Hero?" or "What are you? A hero?" from people? Sad to say but any decent Filipino who wants to make a difference can get scorned and rejected by such a statement by Failipinos. Aside from the fact they tell me, "Eh bakit hindi ka pumunta sa ibang bansa?" or "Why don't you go to another country?" that line I just mentioned earlier is one of the most stupid lines I keep hearing from our countrymen who just love their culture of dysfunction.

These losers tend to say stupid stuff like, "Huwag ka pa-hero!" or "Don't be a hero." to people who want to see the nation improve in their own small way. Do those annoying Failipinos know the real meaning of heroism? Looking at how those annoying Failipino activists are really condoning instead of condemning the acts of guilty Filipinos abroad. When I remembered the death of Flor Contemplacion way back in 1995, her death was glorified as a heroine's death and some Filipinos shamelessly burned the flag of Singapore. Unfortunately the habit of canonizing executed Filipino crookshas become more and more prevalent. Fortunately no state burial was given tothe three drug mules who were executed in China last 2010. Unfortunately, they don't realize that a hero is someone who is admired for courage, outstanding achievements or noble qualities. There was NOTHING noble about volunteering to be a drug mule or in killing a defenseless child. Still, those Failipino activists are giving Filipinos a very bad name!

It's a real painful reaction to get and nothing can either be more flattering or insulting to me when I was called as, "Jose Rizal in the making." by certain people because I tend to spark ideas for peaceful reforms. Now do I consider myself to be like the late Jose Rizal? Far from it considering that I wasn't a top notch student neither would I qualify for high standard universities in Europe or the United States. I am not an intelligent man nor am I a genius. However if there was anything why those Failipinos call me as "Rizal in the making." is because I tend to write very offensive stuff to hurt their asses like when I wrote an essay against the wayward culture of the Philippines. Although I had an A+ for that essay but other people antagonized me for that essay in my Filipino class in College because they believed that I was anti-Filipino. Why did they find it offensive? It was because I wrote everything that makes the Filipino nation backward and non-progressive.

I always thought that if you cannot fight with arms, why not fight through some other means? That's why I do it with the keyboard and the pen. No not as a keyboard warrior but as a keyboard reformist who wants to see the Philippines improve. Looking at the quote that the late Ninoy said, "I will never be able to forgive myself if I have to live with the knowledge that I could have done something and I did not do anything." The same was with Dr. Jose Protacio Rizal who did not raise arms but wrote about important reforms for the country. He wrote two important books that awakened the minds of people. When I read the essay "Kung Buhay Si Rizal" which I learned from Filipino class, nothing was more alarming that they need for reformists is a really urgent thing.

I am also reminded of how people can actually vilify somebody who died for the sake of reforms. Nothing was more annoying than to hear people saying that Rizal was a mad man, a loony for writing all that he did and that heroism is nothing more than stupidity. I was thinking what people might have said to Rizal during his days as a living person. Maybe while he was studying, they would have told him something like, "Well Rizal, you want the Spaniards to shoot you, be my guest!" or "Hey Rizal do you know heroes are stupid? They are just in for the fame and they never get to enjoy it because the Spaniards shot them. Let's just live life to the fullest." to him but he did not succumb to their stupidity. Instead, he continued to use his pen to criticize the Spanish rule for its stupidity and how the Philippines had become an incredibly dumb place.

Today, I hear people who say that Jose Rizal was asking for it rather than be grateful he actually risked his life to get the truth known. I guess those Failipinos want the Rizal subject abolished while some of them hypocritically use the piso-piso Internet (remember Rizal's face is on the one peso coin) to cause trouble to other people. What I really have to say is, "Do you realize Jose Rizal died for the freedom of our predecessors? What if he didn't do it?" The reply I usually get is something like, "Eh ano ka hero? Eh kung hero ka bakit hindi ka magpabaril sa Bagumbayan? Sino ka? Si Rizal?" which means, "What are you a hero? If you are a hero why don't you allow yourself to be shot in Bagumbayan? Who are you? Jose Rizal?" If they consider heroism a very act of stupidity, I guess it only explains why they are considering those executed Failipino crooks as heroes for the Filipino people rather than the Filipinos who fight for a better Philippines.

What was crazy was that aside from, "How I wish I could shoot you in Bagumbayan you Rizal wannabe!" then some Failipinos also told me, "How I wish somebody will shoot you by the time you get down from the plane you anti-Filipino Chinese Communist scum for telling us that being always late is not acceptable!" some time later. It was at that time I really thought about is that I dared to speak about the unjust policies such as economic overprotectionism which is causing more of our countrymen to be separated from their families and the stupid economics 101 of Failipinos. Nothing was even more crazy than when I said, "Well that's the problem! People like you keep dragging the nation down!" then again, you know they'll say, "Eh Sino Ka? Hero?" on my face. Speaking of being shot, that also reminds me of another person, the late Benigno Simeon "Ninoy" A. Aquino Jr.

It's also funny how Failipinos can admire the late Benigno Simeon Aquino Jr. (who is also Chinese by blood) who opposed his longtime friend the late Ferdinand E. Marcos Sr. during martial law but hate heroism at the same time. Looking at the words above of the late Ninoy (and some people tell me he's a Communist in disguise), he said, "You can end the man, you can imprison his body but you cannot imprison his soul. And as long as man will refuse to be defeated, you are never defeated." which I try to take comfort in those words by the late Ninoy. While I say people should stop treating the Aquinos like royalty and it's time to separate Kris and State, I still stand by the words of the late Ninoy that are mentioned that even if you get rid of the man or imprison the man but the reality is a reformist's works may never be forgotten. Rizal may have been told his works will be forgotten but even after 1896, we are still reading his works. I really still cannot help but think that I have lived unable to forgive myself because I did not do what I had to do when I could.

It made me think of how the Marcos or Philippine Martial Law years were not even the best years of the Philippines. Did you know that the late dictator had severely limited the freedom of press and freedom of speech? When I hear that Ninoy was no hero because he would not keep his mouth shut, likewise I refuse to keep my mouth shut or at least, refuse to stop typing whenever, whenever about the stupidity of the Philippines' current system. Even if I am no hero but just a concerned citizen or a politician (besides I don't think I am even really qualified for politics) but why should I be silent about the stupidity of the nation? Why should I be silent when I could make a stand for the more qualified people who sadly aren't even being paid attention to by those Failipinos or when athletes and actors get the seats of power instead of people more qualified than I am? Why should I be silent when the Philippines could have had a better president like Richard Gordon or Gilbert Teodoro but instead, they want a democracy for stupid people, by stupid people and of stupid people and as a result, we are a nation without direction? It takes somebody to make a stand to make a difference.

When you think of it today, the Philippines is also plagued with a lot of misinformation to the public especially from ABiaS-CBN. That yellow news network especially its news channel ANC will just keep telling us, "Oh we are Asia's next miracle. President Nobita Aquino is the best!" when in fact, the Philippines has not yet truly become a more economically stable country. When you think about it, ABiaS has always been about sensationalism rather than truthful journalism. Never mind the facts that economic charter change is badly needed and that our constitution badly needs economic charter change. When I think about the lack of foreign investment, it's no thanks to 60/40 because it protects local businesses at the expense of economic growth and employment. It's just overly restrictive to allow foreigners to own only 40% and you don't need a doctorate in economics to understand the basics of international economics. Somebody should speak out against ABiaS-CBN's blunders because even if more people choose to believe that B.S. network, sooner or later there will be people like CNN's Anderson Cooper who would expose the truth of the matter.

If I am to talk, if there are any Filipinos who are worth dying for, it's not the Failipinos but the enlightened Filipinos who are fighting for reforms against the stupidity of Failipino stupidity. I would believe Ninoy got it wrong when he said, "The Filipino people are worth dying for." He should have said, "The Filipinos who fight for a better Philippines are the ones who are worth dying for." In my case I'd say, "Only Filipinos who choose not to be Failipinos are worth fighting for and even dying for. The Failipinos not worth every drop of blood because they only undo the reforms we have set." I don't care if there were only a few Filipinos who want a better Philippines and there were more Filipinos who choose to be Failipinos, it's not about numbers but about doing the right thing even if most people choose to do wrong. Even if more Filipinos will keep voting that their stupidity will save the country, the facts cannot be changed that their stupid habits like never following simple guidelines is keeping the country away from progress.