Never Forget The Stupidity That Was The Manila Hostage Crisis

Considering that today is August 23, 2015 I wonder if it does ring a bell to anybody to what the significance of the day is? Five years ago, one of the most could have been a preventable tragedy ended up with a mishap no thanks to a culture of incompetence namely the Manila Hostage Crisis which was staged by the late dismissed PNP Chief Rolando Mendoza. When I think about what happened five years ago and next year, it will be the end of the Nobita Presidency, I really wish to raise this issue up before hitting the sack.

Everything in that incident is a series of unfortunate events. I couldn't forget how the Hong Kong government was angry with President Nobita because he didn't apologize for the mishap. Before that, I thought about how this case could have been prevented only if those in charge namely the Philippine National Police used their common sense in the situation. When I look at the PNP in the situation they were never ready, ill-equipped, non-responsive and not to mention a lack of good tactics. Would have the PNP been using their brains, I don't think the tragedy would have resutled to the loss of eight lives right?

I would probably want to blame the Commission on Human Rights a bit. My reason is that instead of defending the victim, they are instead defending the offender with their culture of impunity. Don't tell me that killing a madman when he's SHOOTING AT OTHERS is murder. If that CHR really deserves a middle finger, I would also raise up the issue have they deprived citizens of their right to self-defense and have they given citizens the right to commit crime? A sniper could have just easily taken away Rolando Mendoza's life or at least, shot his leg if they wanted him alive, arrest him and bring him alive but again, I guess it's better that he was shot down dead.

The police in charge were also irresponsible when it came to handling of journalists. Remember when there's a tourist bus, the high chances are there is a television in it. By allowing the media to enter indiscriminately, the crook was given his advantage. What would have been easily solved only if they gunned him down or at least, shoot his leg or something would have prevented the death of the eight Hong Kong tourists. At the same time, journalism ethics dictate that you DO NOT interrupt any important work process, a hostage crisis is no exception. If they wanted to take pictures, go ahead but never enter into the danger zone.

The whole idea of letting Rolando Mendoza's brother Gregorio negotiate is very stupid. It just made matters worse as relatives can become a two-edged sword. It's a problem for many Filipinos that they always stand by their kapatid (sibling), kamag-anak (relative) and kabayan (countryman) even when they are in the wrong. When it came to letting Gregorio negotiate, things just got worse. So really, why negotiate with that gunman who is now firing like crazy? The whole situation is that the brother worsened the situation. All it did was to deteriorate or worsen the situation, making Rolando's hatred for the negotiators enter the fanning the flames zone.

I don't really care what poor excuses people can have over the eight Hong Kong tourists who died. Even if the say, "Eh walo lang ang namatay." or "Hindi naman natin yun kabayan." Oh excuse me! Sorry if I sound so angry but those eight that died are human beings - not cows, not pigs, not chickens, while you can adopt another dog or cat but you cannot replace the value of a loved one. Even if they were not our countrymen, those were human beings! It's always hypocritical really the Filipino ultranationalist idiots are - crying over Filipinos' casualties but rejoicing over the death of non-countrymen like their stupidity of laughing at the tragedy in Tianjin. The whole situation proved that the Philippines is really full of incompetent law enforcers that allow crime to increase like there's no tomorrow. So really, don't tell me that, "Don't worry, everything is more fun in the Philippines." because that kind of stupidity will NEVER solve a problem and promotes a culture of impunityone way or another.

As said, you want tourism to improve then DON'T RELY on David Guerrero's stupid slogan and instead, solve problems that would hinder tourism and investment. I mean who wants to go a place where the crime rate is so bad not to mention other problems like squatters have rights to squat, the Ninoy Aquino International Airport is one of the world's worst airports and people who don't follow simple guidelines. It just reminded me why countries like Japan, Taiwan and Singapore (countries that the Philippines may need to form an alliance with to counter China's bullying government) have high tourism rate. Sure there are tourists in the Philippines but bad testimonials will always backfire because of the failure to deliver the promised quality. So really, is being hostage more fun in the Philippines? Definitely not!