Many Filipinos Have A Bad Habit Of Party Crashing!

Do you remember this slogan for Wedding Crashers with the caption above saying, "Invites are for losers."  Even if the film was an American one, I would admit that one way or another, many Filipinos have that bad habit of party crashing which means you come in UNINVITED.  This is also part of the stupid welfare state mentality which makes Failipinos out of Filipinos.  There is the stupid feeling of entitlement that they deserve to get free lunch (like that Jay Bee guy who conned the Jollibee delivery man) or that the world owes them a living when they owe a living to the world.

Please don't give me that stupid, "It's Filipino way of living." excuse.  Like any bad habit, party crashing is not exclusive to any nationality but it's a choice of ANY person whether they be American, Chinese, Japanese or whatever your race or nationality is, you have the choice to party crash or not to party crash.  It's just like how Filipinos can choose to fight for a better Philippines or would they continue in their misguided stupidity all in the name of Filipino pride, better called as Failipino Pride because they disgrace our country turning the Philippines into the Failippines.  Becoming a Failipino is a very unbecoming path of any Filipino.  Either they choose to be a decent Filipino/Pinoy or become a Failipino.

Let's just think of how you allocate money when you prepare for a party or any event.  Let's say you have allocated some cash for this huge event and you have budgeted the money for a specified number of people.  Although some people have all the money to accommodate more guests, you still have to consider that they are allocating money either for your savings, bank investments or you might also consider other expenses (leisure or important.  However the budgeting plan was done to save money and it might be a frustration when there are unnecessary guests coming in and they weren't invited.

Those who invite themselves to any party have no respect to the host.  Based on what I've said above such as allocation of money or a certain budget can be very much affected.  They do not consider the fact that money does not fall free from the sky.  I always hear the stupid expression of, "Eh diba mayaman ka naman?" or "Well you're rich, right?" as an excuse to justify their stupid behavior.  What they do not consider is that they are using other people's money.  They might say, "Eh hindi mo naman pera diba?  Wala ka nang paki diyan?" or "It's your money then it's none of your business." but as said, even if it's not my money, the habit is always wrong and I might be the next victim.  They are inconsiderate over the time, money and resources they are using up in their foolish party crashing activities.

When I think of the "Eh diba mayaman ka naman?" expression, let me remind them of this.  I may not possess billions of pesos in my account but one thing, did I get all that money by giving it away?  I got my money from saving it.  True I do sped and give money but only to the right causes but I also limit my donations to charity projects or I may no longer be able to donate in the future.  I have to as usual, save more and spend less.  As a high schooler, I was a very spendthrift person and I soon wasted my resources.  They also fail to think that if the person just keeps giving without receiving then he or she will have nothing to give at all.  It's just like a charity organization decided to refuse my donation one time saying, "We appreciate your concern but you should keep some money for yourself or you'll have nothing to donate to us later.  Think twice before donating."

Life is all about give and take which is sadly a value ignored by many Filipinos.  Let's just think of how a business runs such as a business and its customers.  Businesses need money so they must have customers.  Customers need the services of the business.  After a hard lesson in bad credit, I realized that failure may also stem from bad credit.  Why do I kick out tenants who do not pay their rentals properly?  If I don't get paid then how am I going to pay up for all the repairs needed when they have a problem right?  Sad to say but a lot of Filipinos just think about freebies which may also explain why a lot of them just love to party crash.  If the person's resources and money are drained, how can he or she eventually operate next year's fiesta?  It just reminded me of why Metrobank didn't host a party after Yolanda was not only because of donations they made but presumably, they also may have lost a lot of money prior to making donations.

I would also like to mention the stupidity of the fiesta mentality might also contribute to why party crashing happens a lot in the Philippines.  I have nothing against a one day fiesta celebration because there are times that call for celebration.  Celebrating a yearly feast isn't wrong when you have a budget or you make sure you still have lots of money after the feast.  It's a call to feast when the fall is coming or when summer is coming, just make sure you aren't spending too much.  However many Filipinos have the stupidity of they are habitually late combined with impatience which in turn makes a disastrous combination perhaps they can't wait for the next barrio fiesta.  Since they can't wait for the next fiesta then they want another fiesta, they gate crash into somebody else's celebration as a result of the fiesta.  What they don't realize is that unlike the barrio fiesta where you can invite other guests, other fiestas are only for invited guests only.

Maybe, just maybe these party crashers may also appeal to the Commission of Human Rights.  I am really afraid that sooner or later, our authorities may actually defend the right to gate crash and disrespect the rights of the one who was gate crashed all in the name of human rights.  As I said, if people cannot follow even the simplest of guidelines who can we progress as a nation?