"Eh Di Pumunta Ka Sa Ibang Bansa?!" Is A Common Excuse For Failipinos To Keep Enjoying Their Blunder!

I have noticed that decent Filipinos start to offer solutions, they start to voice up and besides anybody who says that I don't have to make a stand is dreaming. Any honest to goodness Filipino isn't going to remain silent for too long. If you don't make a stand for what is right then how can right prevail? Now I am NOT calling for a Communist revolution nor am I influencing Communism to the Philippines just because I insist in getting rid of the stupid Failipino way of thinking. It's a problem why so many Filipinos choose to become Failipinoswhen there are better choices in their path in life.

Aside from the major problem that even if somebody more qualified offered solutions to help the country they won't listen to him or her, I have observed how they tend to say something like, "This is the Philippines! That's our culture! Being late, throwing garbage everywhere, not paying rent on time... you want a clean and proper city, go somewhere else you Communist. You are not welcome here!" or "If you like being on time, go back to China because you are such a Communist for insisting on punctuality." More often than not, they usually choose to speak in Tagalog saying they hate English and they avoid imperialism while they are using the Internet which is an American invention and highest possibility they are using gadgets which were manufactured in China.

It's just like when I started to talk about how Singapore started as a poor country and how it became rich, I can hear stupidity that place will drive them to kill themselves. It's really stupid how so many Filipinos keep bringing up the past but they refuse to learn from it and the Get Real Post article really makes sense. I might write my own version of the article but for now, I might just focus on the issue of "Eh di pumunta ka sa ibang bansa?" or for my foreign readers it means, "Why don't you just go to another country?" They tell me that if I want to implement Singaporean style discipline then I should just move to Singapore. When I tell them how Japan progressed and so can we, they tell me to move to Japan.

The Failipinos hate their country without even knowing it. They claim to do their foolishness in the name of nationalism but what they are doing is actually destroying the country. What they are doing is indeed laugh-worthy or facepalm-worthy to any sensible person. They need to tell me then if they love their country with what they do like not following simple guidelines(ex. throwing garbage everywhere, habitual tardiness), having a culture of impunity and adhering to economic policiesthat continue to force Filipinos to seek work abroad all because they think foreign investment is foreign invasion. They sure have misused a lot of words and terms like they confuse a disciplinarian government with Communist rule or how they mistake colonial mentality for loving something foreign. They are a bunch of lazy losers so what do you expect right?

Meanwhile Filipinos who are seeking to progressive reform are those who truly love their country. They love their country enough to point out what needs to be corrected before it's too late. You can correct without loving but you can never love without correcting, can you? Remember Jose Rizal could have just stayed silent but he didn't. He wrote to expose the people even if he knew his life was in danger. Today, I hear people who mock what Rizal did saying he was committing suicide with what he did. A website like CoRRECT Philippines truly shows love for the country. If you love your country, then don't say, "We can't do anything." but instead, "We should do our part to do something even if we won't see the progress in our day." as a motto.


  1. Typical Failipino response: "Eh Di Pumunta Ka Sa Ibang Bansa!"

    Me: Sure! I hope you enjoy your country turning into a wasteland and suffering a nuclear onslaught! XD


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