Before Blaming And Vilifying China, Get Your Facts Straight And Look At The Philippines First!

I admit I don't like what the Chinese government is doing presumably out to take revenge or hold vendetta on certain countries but remember, they DO NOT represent the entire people of China neither do the Chinese crooks just as the corrupt Philippine government and Filipino crooks DO NOT represent thee entire people of the Philippines.  It's really stupid how China has become the national scapegoat country of the Philippines.  Everywhere, there's already anti-Chinese prejudice which is just plain stupid.  I always thought about how this blaming and vilifying China is already getting out of hand.  Come on, do they have to generalize all Chinese as invaders and spies?  Do they have to say that Filipino-Chinese are also backing up invasion and are spies while hypocritically enjoying their products and services?  The paranoia is getting out of hand and not to mention, it defeats the need to think outside the box.

When I thought about the escalator incidents, I tend to read bad comments on various websites and funny that most of them are written in Tagalog even in foreign sites.  I'll admit they are full of cancerous comments and laced with stupidity.  Comments like, "Ha!  Finally China is getting what it deserves!" is cruel because did all the Chinese people do the unethical acts of their government?  Is everything Made in China really all but bad?  Whether you like it or not, it's much easier to boycott Chinese brands over Made in China and what is Made in China is not necessarily a Chinese brand.  What they are also ignoring is that the Communist government of China took immediate action like as of late, certain factories that produced defective factories are now suspended and quality control people are sent, they don't deny the incidents and last 2008, the melamine food scandal resulted in the execution of Zheng Xiaoyu while Corazon "Stinky" Soliman is always getting away with what she does as DSWD secretary.

I don't know if this really has to do something with the execution of the three drug mules last 2008 or not.  All I remembered were those anti-Chinese comments addressed to the Chinese but written in Tagalog.  I could remember all the outrage that was given for the three drug mules.  Now I understand if the relatives are crying over their losses but they must consider the fact that as much as they have the right to grieve, they shouldn't be condoning to the wrongdoings of that relative.  I guess even after all the evidence that presented that the three drug mules were guilty as charged, a lot of Filipinos choose to shout and whine, they keep bringing up the Flor Contemplacion case where they continue to insist that she was innocent even when she was guilty based on some screwed up film rather than solid evidence.  Worse, they never get to think why the Philippines has become a paradise for drug dealers.  What I observe is that a lot of these activists and idiots just keep blaming China without realizing that the Philippines' culture of impunity is very inviting to drug dealers and pirates near the Philippines to move there and do business there.  If those Chinese crooks did business in their own country, they'd be chopped off by their government and if they pay the Philippine government money under the table, they can do business at a smoother pace.

It's a real problem also that many Filipinos tend to act like their country is perfect.  I always hear preposterous invitations like, "Come to the Philippines, you will never get cheated." which deserves Miriam Defensor Santiago's response of "Really?!" to the face of the person especially if a person has read of cheating incidents around the world.  When I went to China last 2006, our tour guide warned us about the swindlers in Beijing (and I saw them apprehended by the cops) and about the street food in certain parts.  In the Philippines it's a sad fact but so many Filipinos are living in Lala-Land.  Whether you like it or not, China's authorities have had more accountability with the escalator incidents than the Metro Railway Transit incidents in the Philippines.  Also, I am afraid that when the government is getting trains from China, what if they belong to the blacklist in China or company under scrutiny by the Chinese government?  Then again, when MRT disasters happen, they blame China again never mind it was a willful decision of the Department of Transportation and Communications?  They also ignore the fact that the incidents in China can also happen in the Philippines and when they do, do expect the incompetency of the government to kick in.

Worse, I really hate the Philippine Pride website because they help foster the value of Failipino stupidity because it makes failures out of Filipinos.  I read that offensive article that generalized all Chinese as dog eaters when in reality, China's people are already rejecting dog meat as taboo and unhealthy and you can see all their related articles keep vilifying China.  If you just get more reliable sources than that STUPID Failippine Pride website (as I would probably call it every now and then), you will realize that most Chinese do not condone to the stupidity in Yulin.  As I'll always say it, get your facts straight and look at the Philippines first before criticizing other countries!