Failipino Pride Is The Opium Addiction Of Today's Filipino Society!

Do you find the picture above funny or offensive?  I find it funny at the same time offensive, offensive because it reminds me of people I have to keep facing.  Failipino Pride is what I would call as "The pride even in the failures of the Filipino." or "The Filipino's failure in misplaced pride."  It's a shortcut that I made and the term "Failipino" as said means, "The failure of a Filipino".  Again, you have the choice if you want to be a decent Filipino or you want to continue in the wayward path of the Failipino.  The person also looks like he's a drug addict.  I have noticed how an obese stray woman I saw who frequently walked around wearing nothing at all was damaged no thanks to her habitual sniffing of rugby.  I have heard how some poor people inhale rugby to forget their problems.  Apparently, Failipino Pride which is politically corrected as "Pinoy Pride" is also the opium of the Philippines.   Since today is the real Philippine Independence Day, what better way to celebrate it than to bring a post like this to wake the deluded nation up!

Why am I making the comparison to opium?  If you know the history of the Opium War in China, the Chinese were introduced to opium so the British can take over.  The sales of opium in China became a problem.  A lot of Chinese were addicted to the relaxing effects of opium never mind the harm that it would cause.  This was done when free trade was misused and abused.  Again, don't use the opium war to justify the stupid 60/40 in the Philippines, the problem was not free trade but a lack of regulation.  While opium may be used medically as a pain reliever, however it should never be used for recreational purposes.  As with the history of medical opium, doctors were usually the only ones allowed to administer it but people misused and abused it.  I would think that they used it to make them forget their problems never mind they will have more problems.

I need to really say that losing a competition is not necessarily a failure if you lost fair and square or if you lost gracefully but sad to say but many Filipinos are more known for being sore losers and disgraceful losers.  In terms of losing disgracefully, look no further than the recent diving incident involving two Filipino athletes who scored zero with a disgraceful defeat.  In terms of being sore losers, look no further than Pinoy pridists (or Failipino pridists) who can't accept the defeat of a certain Pinoy even if it arrived fair and square.  While Manny Pacquiao was praised as the winner by non-Filipinos and decent Filipinos during his loss against Floyd Mayweather but the Failipino Pridists are just having their stupidity in defending Pacquiao not for his honor but only for the sake of their stupid pride.

The acronym FLIPFAG stands for "Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance PURPOSELY For All Generations".  The meaning of the acronym proves that becoming a Failipino is a choice one makes, not something you are born into.  You can be born from two Failipino parents but you can choose not to be one because becoming a Failipino is not a genetic or racial issue, it's when a Pinoy chooses a misguided path PURPOSELY.  I would assume they choose it purposely because they just want to enjoy themselves and ignore all their problems.  There is the statement, "What you don't know won't hurt you." or "Ignorance is bliss."  Sad to say but as painful as knowledge is but it's needed to save you from bigger hurt.  If you want real happiness then sacrifices have to be made.  Living in Lala Land is nothing more than a stupid, idiotic fantasy because in reality, even roses have thorns.  You cannot have fun all the time and in general, people need to be serious about it.  Are they just taking happiness like some kind of a drug?

ABiaS-CBN has been one of the biggest distributors of the opium addiction of Failipino Pride.  Ever noticed ABiaS-CBN is always having its sensationalist culture?  Sad to say but a majority of Filipinos would prefer sensationalism over the truth because truth can be boring.  It just reminded me of why some people can hate Mathematics because they find it boring while other people find it interesting.  However, whether you find Mathematics boring or not, you still need to study the subject right?  Likewise, you must take the news as it is.  While teachers and newscasters need to find interesting ways to deliver the truth but sensationalism is definitely uncalled for.  Like I remembered how a Math teacher had her creative way of teaching Math whenever she actually discussed the applications of the subject itself, she discussed every step of the way carefully and she would give a step-by-step learning process.  It wouldn't help if she decided to treat it like candy or sensationalize the subject.

If you want to know how ABiaS-CBN is delivering its huge doses of opium then look no further at the news.  Why the news?  While the TV station itself does deliver the important issues but again, be ready for weapons of mass distraction with Kris Aquino.  Why are we already made to see every nonsense detail about Kris?  Why not focus on the problems of the nation?  Instead, you have ABiaS-CBN News Channel keeps saying, "We are Asia's next miracle." never mind there are still issues that need to be solved or two, they should tell us how the Gross Domestic Product was allocated for national expense.  They keep sensationalizing how "great" President Benigno Simeon "Nobita" Cojuangco Aquino is never mind his failures.  They just try to make things look like everything is already good never mind crime, corruption and not to mention stupid economic restrictions are preventing a healthy amount of free trade (with reasonable restrictions) from coming in.  Again, don't raise the opium war problem in China on my face - the problem there was not free trade itself but unrestricted free trade.  They haven't really addressed real ongoing problems like NAIA or peace and order situation isn't as good as it looks.

The telebasuras are truly trash-worthy teleseryes which are full of Failipino Pride.  They have no decent plot, frequent spoonfeeding, OA acting, you have their favorite celebrities overexposed and well you can name it... extension for ratings never mind quality dies out.  While the error of extension for ratings is not exclusive to the Philippines (some countries also suffer that too), however it seems to be a good way to deliver more opium to the addicts.  I noticed how telebasura watchers tend to put their work aside all because of reasons like, "Piolo's on TV.  I can't afford to miss him.  I don't care if I fail my exam tomorrow if I see Piolo." which may soon end up with a disparaging rebuke from the teacher saying, "Oh you really prioritize Piolo Pascual over your grades?  Let him help you if I have no other choice but to fail you!"  The whole telebasura culture whether you like it or not is also proud of the failures of the Filipino.  Worse, they have their hypocrisy to say, "I'll never watch anything that's not Filipino made." never mind the TV set was branded as Sony and has a 98% chance that it was Made in China which again, did they ignore on purpose their TV sets were NOT made in the Philippines.

David Guerrero's ghastly slogan which was inspired from Switzerland's tourism slogan itself is probably the biggest deliverer of Failipino Pride opium.  Oh sure, campaign all you want but even with, "It's not a campaign, it's the truth below.", it's still laughable or two, utterly frustrating.  Do I need to keep reminding people that testimonials matter more than taglines?  The Youtube video I posted shows the song and the clips.  However, campaign all you want with lies cleverly so mixed up with the truth, a preposterous tagline can prove to be the demise of any business that gives bad service.  It just reminds me of an opponent of ours who brag they have really good services but their lousy services caused their demise.

The whole idea of "It's More Fun In The Philippines" has really given birth to a culture of dysfunction and a culture of impunity.  I have seen how people in the Philippines are trying to use the slogan to justify their bad behavior.  They are caught jaywalking, instead of cooperating with the traffic aide to deal with an otherwise civil offense, they will just say, "It's More Fun In The Philippines" or talk about the freeloading tenant will use it as a justification not to pay rent at all no thanks to a welfare state mentality.  You have people who just want to have fun, they want to be in an eternal state of bliss never mind that idea is PURELY STUPID.  As I said earlier, you need to make sacrifices if you want greater happiness.  The best tasting lechon is not in a lechon festival but in a lechon that was heartily made with a lot of effort.  The best services of the Philippines were created with tears, sweat and blood in order to let them happen and for people to enjoy them.

Last but not the least, the Sariling Atin Only mentality is perhaps the biggest delusion besides "It's More Fun In The Philippines".  Again, when can people realize the whole idea is a huge fat lie?   Another way a decent Filipino nationalist is contrasted from a Failipino ultranationalist is how they take nationalism.  Ultranationalist Failipinos tend to act like as if they aren't using any imported or foreign-influenced stuff.  Face it, they might be bragging how nationalistic they are but look at the rallies - Toady Casino appears in a rally against foreigners but, he is wearing foreign stuff.  The misguided fellow should have appeared wearing ethnic outfit, he should be living in a bahay kubo instead of a western-style house and how sure is he that he isn't using any foreign stuff?  He even has a Facebook page, a Twitter account, a smartphone... how is he "genuinely Filipino/Pinoy" then?  

The Failipino's view of economics is very contradictory to basic economic knowledge like supply and demand.  Again, since when has free trade really been all about invaders taking over and since when has it been that Overseas Filipino Workers means Filipinos are taking over the world?  The ideas that Failipinos have with their severe lack of knowledge (ignorance is bliss for such idiots) is very appalling.  I hate to think of how every decent Filipino who is voicing out, "It's time to get rid of 60/40!  Have reasonable economic restrictions!  Allow foreign investment!" are always scorned and bullied by Failipinos.  It's like a non-drug addict is bullied by drug addicts for making a stand on what is right and such a person is accused of picking fights when he is just raising his or her concern.  They really need to learn from the examples of China, Singapore, Taiwan and Japan... I know Japan is suffering from recession as of late but it was kept strong thanks to a balance of free trade and economic restrictions.

When will they realize that foreign investment is better than OFW reliance?  They still refuse to see the situation that Filipinos working abroad is actually making the Filipino serving a foreign master in a foreign place, subjected to foreign rules vs. a foreign investor means a foreign master in their local place subjected to the rules of the Philippines.  I guess they prefer to enjoy their blunder right?  It's getting annoying to argue with them.  I would rather have a discussion on how to open up the economy and what restrictions should be kept and uplifted (ex. allow 100% ownership but make sure that everyone benefits from the investor, no to unrestricted free trade) vs. their stupid beloved overprotectionism which is really just driving the country to more unemployment.