Those Who Seek To Boycott Made In China May End Up Sounding Like Alan Impurisima!

Sooner or later, he'd really think that Filipino-produced units of certain goods of a foreign brand aren't made in the Philippines!

Do you remember the classic scene where retired PNP Chief, Alan Impurisima was scolded by Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago for his awfully stupid reasoning?  That scene was really comedy gold (although the outcome of Impurisima's stupidity was not) considering how stupid he really sounded.  When he said he didn't give General Getulio Napenas an order, only an advice he was trying to make "palusot" or excuses for his blunder at Mamasapano.

Likewise, I am afraid that those who are protesting boycott Made in China are already sounding like Impurisima.  In what way?  Chinese branded products and Made in China are TWO DIFFERENT STUFF.  Chinese branded products have their brand in China and may not always be made in China, I mean what if Chinese companies managed to produce other product units somewhere else right?  Meanwhile, what is Made in China is not necessarily a Chinese product.  Buy some toys and you might notice that while the brand might be American (ex. Toy Biz, Hasbro, Marvel, Mattel, Bandai) but the toy has the mark "Made in China".  Is Bandai a Chinese brand?  No.  But was the action figure made in China?  Yes.  If it's marked Made in China then it's MADE IN CHINA.  Anything manufactured in China is made in China.  If a Chinese brand was made in Vietnam then it was Made in Vietnam, not Made in China.

They can argue, "But the appliance I bought was Sony.  Sony is a Japanese brand.  It was not made in China, it was just assembled in China!  It's still Made in Japan."  While one can argue there is a difference between made and assembled, however in industrial terms, they are very similar.  To make something can also mean "to bring in by being by forming, shaping or altering material." or "to lay out or construct."  To assemble something can also mean, "to connect or put together the parts."  In short, if you are making a cake, you are assembling the very materials to make a cake together, mix them and still, you cannot deny ASSEMBLING was involved.  So if any product was manufactured in China even if the brand was not Chinese (there is strict quality control by the foreign firm which the Chinese government permits), it's still and will always be made in China.

As said, you can go ahead and boycott Chinese brands but not Made in China!