Sorry FLIPFAG, Time Won't Wait For You!

If you saw the Little Miss Late cartoon sort of the Mr. Men and Little Miss Late, Little Miss Late was always late which caused her to miss a lot of stuff, lose her job and the only job she got to have was as as servant for Mr. Lazy. The cartoon itself had a message that time waits for nobody. One can say, "Sure that's just a cartoon." but you have to realize that sometimes, fiction is used as an illustrative purpose. If Aesop wrote fables to teach a lesson, the Little Miss Late story is made to teach a valuable lesson on time.

Sad to say but FLIPFAGs tend to have the attitude like, "I'm never late, time will wait for me!" It was something to think that, "Wow they must think they are something to think time will wait for them." They think that I'm just jealous of them (I.R. Baboon mentality) saying stuff as STUPID like, "Time will wait for me, you're just jealous because it won't wait for you." It's obvious people who lack common sense tend to think that they are smarter than everybody else while people who have common sense tend not to think they are smarter than everybody else.

Common sense can tell us time won't wait for anyone even when there is no appointment with people. If you cook food, you have to wait for the time but time won't wait for you. If the dish takes an hour to cook, you have to wait for it but by the time the hour is over, you must remove it. You can say, "Oh well, there's the timer." but again, time won't wait for you. Let's just say that if there was no timer, the food gets overcooked. If there was a set timer, the food will eventually cool down and you can't enjoy the warm meal. You can never tell the time to, "Wait stop for me." while you are dilly dallying whatsoever. If you miss your flight, you miss your flight.

All I can say is, they can go ahead and report anybody who scolds them for being late to the Commission of Human Rights. However all I can say is, Filipino time is NEVER about being late, it's about following the time zone of the Philippines. Again, when will FLIPFAGs ever realize that time won't wait for them? I guess it's only when they are dead!