So Where'd All That 32% Worth of Income Tax In The Philippines Go?!

I am simply amazed at how Showbiz Government's Facebook page has shared these photos to really show some startling realities.  Again remember, Singapore is an island-nation, Thailand is part of a huge land mass while Malaysia and Singapore are archipelagos.  So we can see how each country has allocated the taxes.

Singapore which that Murican fat pig calls "Everybody's favorite tyranny..." and "Slayer of Blessed Flor Contemplacion".  Having gone to Singapore last 1998 and I am looking forward to a second visit soon, I have noticed that the airport and traisn are very well-maintained and it only has a 2% income tax.  Again, there are less constraints because it's just an island-state.

Thailand itself has a 10% income tax.  While I may not enjoy the food there but I think I can enjoy the scenery.  I can still eat satay but not anything that's full of coconut milk and bagoong.  However the country itself is a real tourist spot.  However the money is so well-used to maintain the airports and train system.

 While Malaysia has the problem with rude people (?) but look at it, it's probably "More Fun in Malaysia Than The Philippines" right?  It knows it's an archipelago so it had to open up its economy with a higher limit for free trade and reasonably lower protectionism to keep the game fair and square.  Foreign investment leveled down to bow and serve Malaysia without being unfair has caused more investments to create better public services.

Meanwhile, wow it's really more fun in the Philippines huh David Guerrero?  Just think 32% as the highest income tax and what do we get?  Poor services at NAIA together with poorly maintained MRT stations... which is really causing trouble for the residents of Metro ahem Imperial Manila.  IT's sad to think how the Philippines has tourist potential but it ends up getting sunk no thanks to NAIA.  Worse comes to worst, the government just keeps waving their persona non-grata staff towards certain foreigners every time they are given constructive criticism instead of waving it at the right people like the ISIS members or any government agent from North Korea because such people are a HUUUUGE threat to national security.  David Guerrero may one day have to explain all his idiocy in his ghastly slogan when angry deceived tourists want to tear him apart!

Maybe a 32% income tax would be justifiable thanks to the Philippines having 7,107 islands in contrast to Malaysia having only 878 islands and yet Indonesia even if it has 18,207 islands, has a 30% taxation rate which the Philippines is barely half of it.  I wonder really who manages the economic system anyway?  Besides, you want more income government?  OPEN UP THE FREAKING ECONOMY... besides foreign investors will still have to pay taxes and comply their paperwork if they expect to continue doing business!