Sad to Say, Bad Filipinos Are Probably Just As Bad As The Chinese In Yulin, China!

If Failipino is a slang or informal word for "Bad Filipino" then I really might as well call bad Chinese as "Chinkese" (unless there's another slang term but again, to Chinese, if you aren't a bad Chinese, don't worry about the term) just as bad Americans are "Muricans" and bad Singaporeans are "Stinkaporeans". They are all bad elements of their countries that need to either stop acting as such or continue getting called as such. As said, these terms are meant to offend and to drive a real point. It's just like how the word ruly and unruly are meant to differentiate people. Again, the words are offensive but it's probably only offensive to people who are onion-skinned.

Now I am going to compare Failipinos to the Chinkese in Yulin, China. Yulin, China is infamous for the Yulin Festival where dogs are tortured for amusement and their meat is eaten. Do you know dog meat is BAD for your health? Whether you are a dog lover or not, you should read this information. Just think, why is China continuing to battle the dog meat industry? Sad to say but the Chinese government has to face the Chinkese among the Chinese. The whole problem of the Yulin Festival might be rooted with old folk beliefs in their area like believing dog meat is good. Recent studies show however, dog meat is NOT beneficial to the body. After all, a dog with rabies must be killed and I believe, the body must be burned to kill the rabies. You cannot kill rabies in the dog by cooking it - the body must be burned. Sad to say but a lot of people in Yulin are probably still stuck with their stupid ancestral rubbish that must be gotten rid of. Any decent-minded person in general doesn't care about ancestral rubbish.

Even if the Chinese government had already been going an all-out war to change the dirty past of China (including eating of cat and dog meat which are both unsafe), the people still insist on doing it all because of adherence to their stupid ancestral rubbish. I don't know how such people define "being Filipino" but like the Chinkese people in Yulin, they are really that hard-headed. Even if universities in China or around the world are telling them of the ill-effects of dog meat, they still insist in their self-driven stupidity even if the one who advocates the truth is a fellow Chinese. Can you imagine how many decent Chinese people lose their pets no thanks to a group of stupid and idiotic Chinkese in Yulin? I would be so offended by it especially I am a dog owner myself. If you don't like dogs, fine, but again, dog meat is not safe for consumption. Do you know dog meat spreads cholera and trichenellosis? While pork meat is usually concerned with cholesterol, dog meat has more than just cholesterol. Cholesterol can be lowed by exercise and a healthy diet but dog meat may land you in the hospital, in the grave or living a life worse than death. Again, don't compare dog meat to water... after all, you drink CLEAN WATER NOT DIRTY WATER.

Why am I comparing Failipinos to the Chinkese in Yulin? Failipinos have their really hard-headed behavior that pisses off any decent Pinoy and the Chinkese in Yulin are probably one of the biggest problems that decent Chinese face (aside from Chinese crooks who have found "paradise" in the Philippines). I always thought about the fact that Failipinos tend to appeal to tradition even when such a tradition is very stupid. The Yulin Festival is somewhat another stupidity of appealing to tradition of Chinkese that some decent Chinese have thrown out. I always thought of how some Failipinos might even be doing some cruel practices one way or another. When I still remembered the edict of ex-president Fidel V. Ramos against dog meat, some Filipinos (better called Failipinos due to how they are failures compared to decent-minded Filipinos) were outraged saying, "It's part of tradition." with their failure to realize that dog meat's biggest concern is its health hazards, not only because the former president was a pet lover. Other barbaric practices that the Philippines have been doing aside from dog slaughter is also cock fighting. Then again, no thanks to Commission on Human Rights, I guess these practices can still flourish right?

What the Chinkese in Yulin and the Failipinos in the Philippines must realize is that culture is not stagnant. Just think - if culture did not evolve you might still have Chinese women having no rights (and that stupidity has caused gender imbalance, now why do I want to suggest Chinese men to marry Western women?) or Filipinos still performing tribal barbarism like human sacrifice mentioned in the Philippine history books. As said, culture must change for the better. You keep the good and you throw out the bad. Filipinos should keep practices like hospitality and respect for elders while it should get rid of bad practices like not following even the most basic of guidelineslike the practice of habitual tardiness, that stupid practice of Pinoy Prideand any practice that puts a negative light to the Filipino. That's why I use the term "Failipino" and whatever... it may be an offensive name but it also differentiates every good Filipino from the basketcases of the country.