President Nobita's Comparison Of China With Nazi Germany May WORSEN THE PROBLEM!

It's really stupid to how President Nobita can be so stupid to compare China with Nazi Germany - as if the situation had not been bad enough.  What is he thinking?!  Fortunately one article in Forbes dared to finally criticize what he did.  Again does he need to re-enroll first year high school to realize the BASICS of Filipino history?

Again, if you think of it, Imperial Japan not China was part of the Axis Powers during World War 2.  China was under Imperial Japanese rule during World War 2 and Japan was the one that was allied with Nazi Germany.  Come on, has he been reading his history?  It just baffles me as much as when he said, "How can wind power work without wind?  How can solar power work without sun?" in one of his SONAs.  Wow, while I need to be an engineer to design the plant but I know by common knowledge that wind power and solar power have storage batteries for LATER USE.  Unfortunately this guy has really little or no common sense.  I wonder how much did his late father spend on his psychiatric treatment in Boston?  Why am I even compelled to believe the late Ninoy may have actually arranged his own assassination because President Nobita was incurable?

Maybe I should mention that comparing China to Nazi Germany and Xi Jinping to Hitler might be apples and oranges at best.  Xi Jinping may be a Communist leader, China may be a Communist country but has Xi Jinping call for any ethnic cleansing?  He hasn't.  Overseas workers in China aren't treated with discrimination... only those that break the law.  I might agree with Forbes that there might be economic envy after all.  In the past, the Philippines had six times higher GDP than China in 1980 (USD 1,868 vs. USD 302) but now, China has four times higher GDP per capita (USD 13,800 vs. USD 4,062).  Again, the Philippines is sadly known for all its envy complex and a lot of its citizens have that annoying you're jealous delusion.

Has it occurred to him that the Philippines is NOT even ready to beat China?  Again, Pinoy Pridists may think that they can defeat China but wake up, it won't.  Okay let's just say that China should send its modern military vessels against the Philippines.  War should break out and the Philippines is stuck with inferior weaponry.  Oh let the Pinoy Pridists flash their Pinoy Pride cards in trying to defeat China with inferior weaponry, let them declare that they are the most powerful race in the world but they won't stand a chance.  Pinoys are no different than any other people - launch missiles at them, they will blow up together with every other race.  Oh boy, sad to say but a lot of Pinoys choose to be Failipinos.  Sad to say but President Nobita hasn't thought of the consequences of his actions.