Look Who's Calling The Kettle Black

It's a huge problem in the Philippines when Failipinos refuse to evaluate criticism that's given to them. While you don't accept all forms of criticism and they are like onions and garlic must be sorted out. However they have their ill attitude towards any feedback because they have their attitude that, "I am always right, you are always wrong." or, "Don't tell me I'm the one who's always wrong and you are the one who's always right." which they use their victim cards or two, they might even say, "I will report you over to the Commission on Human Rights!" when they feel their rights have been violated when they weren't.

The first one is the foreigner who offers criticism about the Philippines or what the Failipino is doing. Such actions can result to the improper use of the persona non-grata staff whenever a foreigner would say stuff like, "Yuck! They say it's More Fun In the Philippines? Look at all the garbage everywhere, people who are always late! People who just poo and pee anywhere! They better change their attitude if they want the slogan to work!" Instead of taking it to mind something is wrong, the foreigner can be called as "RACIST!" but look who is talking. Failipinos tend to have their mentality that because they were born Pinoy or Filipino and being a Failipino is NOT inborn but a choice, that they are the greatest race in the world. They also have their tendency to hate Filipino-Chinese all because of some incidents WAY BACK (which I admit is true, a lot of Chinese back then refused to be called as Filipino or some today, still carry that same old stupidity) or they still say, "No to Japanese! Remember how they invaded us back in World War 2!" or any talk like that while acting with their huge egos in mind.

The second one is when a fellow Filipino criticizes the Failipino to stop being a Failipino and straighten up their actions. Every decent Filipino or Pinoy knows how it sucks to be in the midst of Pinoys who CHOOSE to become Failipinos. When it comes to call them a "crab", I am reminded of what happened to Pinay artist Lea Salonga-Chien which reminds me, look who's talking! Crab mentality is sad to say, a value that is prevalent in the Philippines. I still can't forget the anti-crab mentality ad picturing a group of crabs in a basket. Whether Failipinos like it or not, they are but a group of crabs. They are very touchy or two, they hate to see others succeed and how their teamwork often fails because of uncontrolled jealousy which can be seen at the One Direction ticket event, that is those who weren't able to get VIP revealed had some of them revealing their ill feelings against those who got it or how often they drag non-Pinoy Filipinos down or even their fellow Pinoy down for going against their culture and succeeding.

The idea of Failipinos Loving Incompetence/Ignorance Purposely goes on and on, perhaps For All Generations. Fortunately some Failipinos have quit being Failipinos and took the path of the enlightened Pinoy.


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