It's Time To Suggest Other Beaches In The Philippines That Are WAY Better Than Boracay!

Having gone to Boracay three years ago, my experience wasn't all that great.  I will try to give some places where you might consider good experience.  While I won't dare say that it's more fun in those areas than anywhere else in the world, but I can say these places certainly is, "Everybody pays the same rate.  Souvenirs are cheaper than Boracay places."

For one, just because my blog criticizes the Philippines' ill conditions doesn't mean it's criticized in whole.  The Philippines should take care of its tourist spots.  Here's a few islands in the Philippines where there are good beaches and have much less tendencies to be tourist traps plus these places are less commercialized.

1.) Bohol itself is the home of Pamilakan Island.  It's an island trip in Bohol.  Sure it doesn't have the party life of Boracay but as far as concerned, I have had an enjoyable experience in this place.  It's an island hopping experience in Bohol.

2.) Bantayan Island is another place for good beaches.  Sure you have to land to Cebu then ride a long road trip but it's worth it.  I have been there twice.  The whole experience allows you to enjoy plenty of fresh seafood from the market.  The whole place is really a seaside experience.  The market places there sell really good seafood products to take home at very cheap prices.

3.) Surigao is the home of Sohoton Island.  I would admit that the experience there was much better than Boracay.  Sohoton's conservative use of technology and preservation of nature is indeed making it more fun than Boracay.  You may want to explore the wonders of the underwater cave or the stingless jellyfish.  Remember that these places are only accessible during low tide which has been fixed into the minds of the tour guides.

These places should continue in having more nature than technology.  While nothing would be wrong with having electricity or Wifi but again, there should be responsibility with technology.  That is, being careful as not to embrace any technology that destroys nature.  It would be necessary to preserve these natural beauties for continued tourism in the long run.

Again, the tagline "It's More Fun In the Philippines" is not what counts but the testimonials.  While you need to speak of the good of your product but make sure, you are bragging of what is only real about it!