Filipinos Must Realize Not Everyone Can Appreciate Filipino Food!

Some say Filipino food is delicious, other people don't say it's delicious.  Some of them get a wrong impression of Filipino food because they got it from a wrong place (ex. street food can be that bad), others say it's good because... they got it from a good place.  Others may actually not like it at all.  No offense, but it's stupid to get butthurt just because some people cannot appreciate Filipino food, right?  We all have our preferences.  Sometimes, I feel even decent Filipinos might be hurt within which is normal, but at least they aren't ranting like crazy.  Cheers!

As a person who goes into food hopping experiences, I really must admit some cuisines won't click with me.  For example, I went to a Thai restaurant with a group of friends and I really didn't like it.  With Filipino food, I personally dislike Bicolano food.  In general, I don't like any food that's heavy with coconut milk (though I can accept coconut milk used in other dishes like desserts), bagoong or any similar style of cooking with Bicol or Thai.  Likewise, the same can go for Filipino food too.  I love Filipino food but others don't have the tongue for it right?  It's just like I'll never like ube ice cream, durian or pinakbet... those are just some stuff I don't like.

It reminded me of how I was dealing with my relatives from China or Hong Kong.  Some of them enjoyed the Filipino food in quality restaurants.  However some of them didn't like Filipino food.  If they liked anything outside Chinese food, it was Korean or Japanese food.  Whenever I think about how Filipino food goes, it varies from person to person.  Some American relatives of mine would buy polvoron and dried mango but they would refuse to buy masareal.  Again, even if I like Filipino food or Chinese food, I can't expect to like all of them right?

Just a food for thought, pun intended.