Failipinos Are Living In Lala-Land!

Have you heard of the expression "Lala Land"? Lala Land means to get out of touch with reality, focusing on dreams, fantasies or frivolous endeavors. Failipinos are living in Lala Land one way or another. They just love Lala Land because they don't want to face reality. I can give a few examples of Lala Land ideas that I have encountered myself or observed from other people.

If you want to know why the Philippines is further in Lala Land, I usually want to blame David "It's More Fun In the Philippines" Guerrero's ghastly slogan that has created a culture of dysfunction. The whole idea is, "The slogan is click na click. It will attract foreigners." Yes the slogan is catchy but that the same time it's deceptive. Sad to say but David Guerrero's stupid slogan has released a Pandora's Box content causing the Philippines to have people who are living in Lala Land. Oh boy, people always love to use his slogan as an excuse for their culture of impunity.

Failipinos tend to think that the Philippines indeed is the best tourist spot in the world. Now I don't deny that there are really some amazing spots in the Philippines. During my trip to Surigao City, I still see foreigners who are amazed with Siargao but at the same time, they also complain about why they have to pass through the accursed Ninoy Aquino International Airport. Now I do admit there is a tourism boost in some way but that is not enough. Do they realize that the NAIA really needs to be fixed because ALL international flights have to pass through that dreaded place? NAIA is really a dreadful experience from the time I went to China for vacation up to its return. The airport in Hong Kong was a much better place - now only if they put all that 32% tax into GOOD USE.

Why am I always emphasizing about NAIA? Again, no amount of cheering and sloganeering can change the fact that it's suffering from problems like taxi drivers who cheat on people, thievery, unfriendly customs, lack of control (heck they can't even apprehend those Mainland Chinese tourists who are causing trouble), etc. NAIA really needs a serious rehabilitation of sorts. It needs real repair if it expects to be working. Have they considered that sloganeering without action can backfire badly? Just think of a conversation that says, "Hey how was the Philippines?" Then the other one says, "More fun huh? Just look at how stupid NAIA is! The place was falling apart, we were suffocated, poor service! IT'S NOT MORE FUN IN THE PHILIPPINES"!

Even as a child, I observed how Failipinos tend to brag, "Filipinos are the most powerful race in the world.", a notion that any decent Pinoy or Filipino thinks is pure B.S. These people whether you like it or not just think that they are some kind of master race. The picture above is B.S. and more often than not, they are just a group of free riders. Again, they tend to shout, "PINOY PRIDE"! whenever a Pinoy makes it big abroad but any successful Pinoy is a source of Failipino shame, not Failipino pride. Oh boy, them and their feeling of racial superiority is really annoying. They have their mentality that the world is jealous of them and that they are smarter than everyone. Do you know real smart people are usually in self-doubt and stupid people aren't?

The idea is very much located in Lala Land because of the reality that the Philippines is NOT even a first world country. True that Philippine GDP has increased but it does not guarantee a bright future. I know the Philippines has better economic performance than most South American countries or two, countries like Somalia and Bangladesh but that's not enough. Come on, if Filipinos were the most powerful race in the world, why isn't the Philippines the most powerful country in the world? Boy, I wonder if they eve realize that the Philippines isn't even ready to beat China? What's next? They think that they can conquer China's military with bolos and spears?

What I have observed is how people tend to discard the important value of seriousness. In short, they just want to be in an eternal state of bliss with their misguided notion of happiness. You can get some very stupid scenarios. It's flooding but instead of doing something like migrating out of the area or anything, you see the children above SURFING in the dirty flood waters. I've even heard of people who swim in the flood waters. It's just stupid considering that they might end up catching leptospirosis or any other water-borne illness in the process.

Now there's always the using of poverty as an excuse like, "But I'm too poor for the beach or any water-themed amusement park." What makes me think is that if they are poor, WHY DON'T THEY DECIDE TO WORK AND LEARN TO SAVE THE MONEY?! One, it is NOT government responsibility to get them out of poverty, they must get out of poverty themselves. Sad to say but the Philippines is plagued with the welfare state mentalitywhere you can observe the diligent are punished and the lazy are rewarded. For them, nothing really takes out the fun which always gets the Philippines to have a lack of disaster preparedeness. In the past where it was basically low technology, they were still able to prevent more casualties by simply becoming disaster prepared. The situation today is no better than the unpreparedness of the people in Pompeii for Mt. Vesuvius' eruption even when obvious signs like quakes and ash fall were already there... and Mt. Pinatubo is sadly another Pompeii-like incident.

They also tend to have their fantasy of a "Sariling Atin Only" economy which the whole notion of ultranationalism is nothing more than a self-contradictory fantasy. They always have their, "I hate competition, I want economic protectionism!" mentality. For them, it would be possible to achieve progress with the stupid notion of a "Sariling Atin Only" mentality will soon drive the Philippines to become the greatest nation in the world. It's pure idealism, nothing more than an impossible dream and while Gerphil Flores' dream of recognition is not an impossible dream, the idea where a Sariling Atin Only economy that will flourish is stupid, stupid and stupid. For them free trade means no restrictions, foreign invasionand that foreigners will take over the Philippines. Oh boy, do they live in the Dark Ages or the Dork Ages?

Now they try to say, "Hey read your history." Again, I have done some research. Protectionism itself does exist and nations can't do without it, but free trade is also needed to balance the cycle. The problem of the Philippines is not trade restriction but the wrong use of it. Do you know that nations that use 50/50 and above for foreign trade policies are still subject to local laws? Other countries encourage foreign trade but they discourage exploitation which the foreign firms can get shut down if they do so. Like how? Roman history has it, "You can own business in Rome but do as the Romans do." Today, even countries that have free trade still do some degree of protectionism... that is, you want to do business with us... you have to COMPLY as the local businesses do, you can own 100% but you should still pay taxes and follow laws. If not, you are kicked out. Again, how is free trade really foreign invasion? It's not as long as local businesses are protected in the sense, even foreign investors have no special treatment and that they can be punished accordingly to the nation's laws like if they fail to treat an employee right, they can still be jailed and face punishment like every other local business.

They have their OFW delusions. They think that OFWs means, "Woohoo! Filipinos are taking over the world!" delusion. Aside from the stupid "Sariling Atin Only" mentality, never mind how it cannot be achieved at all (and they contradict themselves more of then times than not), they think that their OFWs means they are taking over the world. WTF? If you ask me, have they really thought that OFW means "Overseas Filipino WORKERS!" That is, when a person is sent to work abroad, they are bowing down before a foreign boss in a foreign country compared to that of Filipinos with foreign bosses in the Philippines, means they are still under Filipino government right?

The delusion itself keeps happening in the form of Failpino activists. They call the OFWs as bagong bayani when NOT ALL OFWs are bagong bayani. There are OFWs who are just the new loko-loko and there are OFWs with a plan. Just a bit of logic - if OFWs are taking over the world for the Philippines, why is it then that the Philippines CANNOT really intervene with any decision? The stupidity is making those STUPID RALLIES whenever a Pinoy commits a crime abroad when they should NOT be condoning to such actions? What is really worse is that when the execution pushes through, it's time to canonize the executed Pinoy criminals as if they had done no wrong. They did it with Flor Contemplacion (the supposed patron saint of Migraine International) and they did it with the three drug mules in China.

There is also the warped perception of "human rights" no thanks to the Commission of Human Rights and Akbobo member, former Chairperson, Etta Rosales. I am thinking maybe Youtube users Flipodahippo aka Mr. Time Will Wait For Me and Awezome Crasher might be members of the organization for all we know. I have noticed how Etta Rosales is actually defending criminal rights instead of human rights, playing victim card and doing what she does best. I am thinking Etta Rosales herself also not only defends criminal rights but everything that is around a culture of impunity. Maybe she even defends people who have bad work ethics and she thinks that disciplinarian environments are Communist breeding grounds.

Heck, even before Etta Rosales came and went, I have observed it for myself how Failipinos just have the wrong perception of freedom and democracy. I remembered how people call me a "Communist" because I would support Singapore's declaring it a civil offense to be a litterbug. I would support China's anti-drug campaign and that I believe Stinky Soliman should have faced the same penalty as Zheng Xiaoyou and that squatters are a real nuisance. It seems to be that for them, human rights is all about doing what you want without restraint and tolerance of utak squatter behavior as normal and acceptable.

Not to mention, Failipinos apparently love the fact that the country really has No Direction. Right now, sad to say but the Aquinotards tend to treat President Nobita Aquino as the best president ever when in fact, he isn't. What does this guy do? Blame Gloria day in and day out. He is also the reason why Kill Henares has become the head of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, converting it into the Bureau of Internal Robbery. If Kill Henares was really serious with her job, why aren't major time tax evaders really sacked?! At the same time, we have DAP and PDAF scandals. Worse even after the Mamasapano Incident, he reappoints Alan Impurisma back to his post. Wow, you can't get more stupid than that. And yes, he has one big achievement - the Balat-Sibuyas Basic Law!

The fact that Failipinos live in Lala Land is really a reason why the nation is so messed up. There are always more Failipinos than decent Filipinos. Sad to say but the culture of dysfunction is the root cause behind why bad politics take place. Worse, when the result comes out, the bad politicians want to make sure that the cycle is perpetuated. This has got to stop!


  1. Until now I keep wondering why they changed the name of Manila International Airport to Ninoy Aquino International Airport! First of all Ninoy never became a president and he was even a criminal sentenced to die for supporting the communists.

    1. Just a question... can you give me evidence that Ninoy was a Commie supporter?


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